Mrs. Jennifer Kranz


Mrs. Teresa Bigelow

315 East 5900 South - Murray, Utah 84107

Phone:  (801)264-7430  Fax:  (801)264-7451

McMillan Elementary

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To check your child out of school:

· You must first come into the office and sign them out. 

· Please note:  We are only able to release your child to those you listed on the white attendance card at the beginning of the year.

· You will then receive a blue slip that will release your child from class, or we will call them down to the office. 

· Teachers may not release students to wait at the office or in the parking lot.


If your child is absent, please call and notify the office.

Thank you!!!

***If your phone number or address changes for any reason, please remember to notify the school so that we may update our records.***

“McMillan Teachers Help Their Students Cruise to Great Destinations”


May 6th through May 10th the students will have an opportunity to give back and say a BIG thank you to their teachers.  Click here for information about your child’s teacher.