Murray High School

The above links provided access to the webpages that students have created in the web development courses at Murray High School.

Web Development

Web Development is a course designed to guide students in a project-based environment in the development of up-to-date concepts and skills that are used in the development of today’s websites. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of how the Internet works. They will learn and use the basic building blocks of the World Wide Web: XHTML coding, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript. They learn and follow the steps to create a website by planning, designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining of the website projects. Students will learn and use different scripting technologies to create more dynamic and interactive websites. They will learn what it takes for a career in Web Development as they complete projects and create their own Web portfolio. Items with * will be tested in the second semester on test Web Development 1B. To see the full course outline click on: Mr Bowen's UEN, and then the Web Development tab.


Creating a Web Site from scratch can be a daunting task and the complexity of a website increase and additional tools and skills are applied. The webpages for the Seveth Period and Eighth Period web development classes can be viewed by clicking the links on the left side of your screen.

Early webpages have been developed by students using only HTML. As the year progresses additional tools will be discussed and will include: Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript. These tools will change the look and appearence of webpages students develop and will increase the complexity as new elements are included in the page design.