AP U. S. History Exam Description


Question Type

Number of Questions


Percentage of total exam score


Part A: Multiple-choice questions

55 questions
[organized in sets of 2-5]

55 minutes


Part B: Short-answer questions

3 prompts
[student choice on 3rd prompt]

40 minutes



Part A: Document-based question

1 prompt
[7 documents]

60 minutes


Part B: Long essay question

1 prompt
[student choice from 3 prompts]

40 minutes


The 2018 AP U. S. History test will be given on Friday, May 11th

The test is given at the high school. The same test is given nationally and all U. S. History students take it on the same day unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Plan on being in your assigned testing room at 7:30 a.m. The test itself begins at 8:00 a.m. on test day.

The cost of the test is $94.00. The deadline for paying for the test is Friday, March 16th, about the middle of March. Checks should be made payable to Murray High School and should be taken to the financial office.

Passing the AP test will give you 6 semester hours of college credit.