Textbook Information
Updated April 6, 2018

The text for this class is
America's History, 9th AP edition
by Henretta, Edwards, Hinderaker, & Self

This is the best textbook currently available. It has been thoroughly aligned to the curriculum and to the AP exam with emphasis on the disciplinary principles and reasoning skills required for success in the course and on the test. It has an abundance of practice essay prompts and study skills-including a glossary in both Spanish and English. Best of all, it is two chapters shorter than the previous text without any loss in depth of content.

You will submit Cornell notes and take a 25-question multiple choice quiz on each of the 30 chapters in the text. Learning to handle a college text like this and be accountable for your own learning is one of the best things that you will do in this class to prepare yourself for rigorous college work.

These quizzes will come about once a week, about each 7 or 8 days, throughout 1st, 2nd, and 3rd term. The testing calendar link is on the course home page. That will give us the four or five week to review and polish the skills necessary to do well on the exam.