Art Foundations 2
VA 1200

Teacher: Mr. Himle

Updated August 25, 2004





August-Setember / January- February

  Students will learn to use the Elements and Principles of Art

This month’s focus is on Line and Value.

 -Line drawing.

 -Value shading.

 -Landscape drawing.

 -Overall Drawing emphasis.

 -Students will create a Value scale using various methods of shading including hatching and cross hatching.

-Students will learn how to create a Line Drawing Outlining all parts of a drawing of a landscape, including Color and Value changes

-The students’ final will be to place the appropriate values in their landscape line drawing using line shading techniques of Hatching and cross-hatching.

October / March

  This Month’s focus Element and Principles are Color and Shape

 -Color wheel.

 -Type created using shape.

 -Poster Design.

 -Overall Design emphasis.

 -Students will learn the color wheel, create their own in a creative fashion using only the Primary Colors.

-Students will learn how to use shape to create type and font design for their name.

-Students will learn basic design principles. Use shapes and a limited color palette, and construction paper to create and design a poster.

November / April

   This Month’s focus Element and Principles are Texture and Emphasis.

 -Use of Color to create emphasis.

 -Use of glue to create textures.

 -Impressionistic Texture Still Life.

 -Overall Painting emphasis.

 -Students will study how to use a limited color palette and shapes to create emphasis in a painting.

-Students will learn about Actual and Implied Texture using drawing and Glue.

-Students will create a Still Life Painting based on Impressionism that has texture and emphasis. Students will use glue to create a textural element to their Still Life and warm and cool colors to create emphasis.

December – January / May-June

 This Month’s focus Element and Principles are Contrast and Pattern.












If time permits an Extra Unit will be added using the Element of Art, Form

 -Use of Pattern in a portrait.

 -Use of Contrast in drawing.

 -Portraiture painting.

 -Overall emphasis on Drawing and Painting.










 -Creation of Actual Form using clay.

 -Shading of an object to convey form.

 -Creation of a Felt Toy

 -Overall emphasis on 3 Dimensional Form.


 -Students will learn to draw a blind contour drawing and draw patterns into the blind contour.

-Students will learn how to draw a High Contrast Portrait drawing.

-Students will place pattern into their High Contrast Portrait and use tempera to paint the portrait and complete a “tempera batik” painting.







 -Students will use clay to create a miniature cake based on the paintings of Wayne Thiebaud.

 -Students will learn to shade objects to create form, then create a vehicle or building and shade it to look like it has form.

 -Students will create an Underground Toy design then cut it out of felt, stuff it and sew it.