Honors Sophomore English Course Map
Keith Wood, teacher

Updated May 11, 2011

While the year will approximate the following, some things will overflow the months and the quarters.  At the beginning of each quarter, I will post to the class web page and give each student a hard copy of the quarter's schedule that indicates where they need to be on any given day, and, to some extent, when the tests occur.  I reserve the right to change this as circumstances dictate. For specific assignment dates, follow the links to the quarterly calendars.

Content, learning activities, or assessments directly linked to the most recent revision of the Utah State core standards are bold and enclosed in brackets. A Microsoft Word version of these new core standards can be seen by clicking on the link. The web site for core guidelines for this and all other required courses is http://www.uen.org/core/

Quarter Content / Core Standards Learning Activity Assessment
1st Quarter
[August - October]

1st Quarter Calendar

Literature:  Summer assignment, and reading and writing based on a selection of the following pieces of literature: Bless Me, Ultima , The Lord of the Flies, "The Taming of the Shrew," The Chosen, "Oedipus Rex".
[1.3.b, c, d, & e]

Introduction to the course, course expectations, class rules

1st semester vocabulary list (SAT list, first 60 words)

Essay writing

ACT/SAT test-taking skills

Open & closed form poetry

Essay writing workshop
[2.1, a, b, & c; 2.2.b; 2.3; 3.2.c]

  • Writing essay introductions
  • Thesis sentences
  • Using evidence in essays
  • Commentary
  • Writing conclusions

Peer response/editing group
[3.3.b & c]

Dialectical journal note taking skills on all readings 

Recognizing poetic form

Begin year-long vocabulary

Understanding literary symbolism

Review the elements of poetry forms

ACT/SAT preparation & practice

Summer essay & in-class editing/composing practice

In-class writing practice with commentary & interpretation
[2.3.a & b]

Multiple choice reading quizzes on all literature read.

In-class essay on character development and conflict

Practice ACT/SAT tests

Tests on poetic form & meaning

2nd Quarter
[November - January]

2nd Quarter Calendar

Literature:  "Cyrano de Bergerac," "Macbeth," book assigned to be read over the holiday break at the end of December.
[1.3.b, c, d, & e]

Meaning & purpose in poetry
[1.1.c; 1.3.f]

ACT test preparation

I-Search project / APA formatted research project
[1.2.a, b, c, & d; 3.1.a, b, c, & d; 3.2.a, b, c, & d]

ACT/ SAT practice

Figurative language in poetry
[1.1.a, b, & c; 1.3.e & f]

Taking notes (dialectical journals) on readings 

Contrast/Comparison essay structure
[1.3.b, c, & d]

Peer response/editing group
[2.3.a & b]

ACT/SAT preparation & practice

APA Research format

Develop ACT/SAT test-taking skills

Taking notes (dialectical journals) on readings 

Tests on poetic form, meaning and purpose

Multiple choice tests on all readings

I-Search project done to APA specifications
[3.1.a, b, c, & d; 3.2.a, b, c, & d]

In-class essays on literature readings
[2.1.a, b, & c; 2.2.a, b, & c; 2.3.a & b]

Comprehensive 1st semester final exam.

3rd Quarter
[January - March]

3rd Quarter Calendar

LiteratureA Tale of Two Cities, "Merchant of Venice," The Screwtape Letters, Siddhartha.
[1.3.b, c, d, & e]

Begin Personal Anthology Project (2nd semester project)
[3.1.b, c, & d; 3.2.a, b, c, & d]

2nd semester vocabulary list (SAT list, second 60 words)

ACT or SAT practice

Rhythm in poetry

Taking notes (dialectical journals) on readings 

Back up research assignment that reinforces APA skills

Plot and character

ACT/SAT test-taking skills

Analysis essay skills
[1.3.b, c, d, & e; 3.1.b]

Interpretive poetry skills
[1.1.a, b, & c; 1.3.e & f]

Develop ACT/SAT test-taking skills

Recognizing rhythm patterns in poetry

In-class essay on holiday reading

Poetry tests, all skills

Test on 1st semester vocabulary words

Contrast/Comparison essay

Comprehensive Semester Final

Multiple choice reading quizzes on Dickens

In-class essays from past AP English Literature and Composition tests on all literature
[2.1.a, b, & c; 2.2.a, b, & c; 2.3.a & b]

Poetry tests, all skills
[1.1.a, b, & c; 1.3.e & f]

Multiple choice test on all readings

Poetry tests, all skills

4th Quarter

4th Quarter Calendar

LiteratureI Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, "A Midsummer Night's Dream," The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, "Twelfth Night," or "The Tempest."
[1.3.b, c, d, & e]

Backup research skills related to finishing the Personal Anthology

Personal Anthology
[3.1.b, c, & d; 3.2.a, b, c, & d]

Autobiographical writing assignment (Personal Anthology preface)

Ethnic diversity as a subject for literature

Writing memory and the personal essay
[3.1.a, b, & c; 3.2.a, b, & c]

Yearly review

Multiple choice test on all readings

Prompted free-writes in class

Vocabulary final (120 words)

Personal Anthology

Semester Final