Drawing 1
VA 1140

Teacher: Mr. Himle

Updated August 25, 2004





August-Setember / January- February

  Unit 1: Black and White Drawing

  Students will learn how to:

-Simplify an image to create positive and negative shapes.

-Be able to use positive and negative shapes to create silhouettes and reverse silhouettes.

-Draw a portrait using high contrast black and white values.

 Projects that will be Assessed:

-Positive and Negative shapes Buildings (Thumbnails and Drafts)

-Sihlouette drawing of Animal and background.

-A mixed media High Contrast Portrait that will be painted using watercolor.

October / March

 Unit 2: Line Drawing

  Students will learn how to:

-Draw a blind contour line drawing.

-Draw contour line drawing by outlining all values and color changes.

 Projects that will be Assessed:

-A Blind contour drawing with black and white patterns drawn in.

-A contour line drawing based on pictures of water, outlining all value and color changes that appear in the photo.

November / April

  Unit 3: Value drawings

  Students will learn how to:

-How to create a value scale.

-How to apply values to a line drawing.

-Complete a 3 value and 5 value drawing.

 Projects that will be Assessed:

-A value scale shaded with 5 different shaded methods.

-A still life drawing that will be shaded with at least 3 values.

-A Self Portrait assignment that will use the Grid system, and shaded with 5 values.

December January / May-June

  Unit 4: Drawing from the Imagination

  Students will learn how to:

-Shade 2-D Shapes to give them 3-D Form.

-Shade using Hatching and Cross Hatching.

-Create a Character or Creature from imagination that has Form.

 Projects that will be Assessed:

-A Form Worksheet that requires students to Hatch/Cross-hatch various basic shapes giving them the illusion of 3-dimensionality.

-Drafts of character/creatures to be drawn for the final project.

-A mixed media piece that will be drawn in pen and ink using Hatch/Cross-Hatching to create Form and painted using watercolors.