Painting 1
VA 1150

Teacher: Mr. Himle

Updated August 25, 2004





August-Setember / January- February

  Unit 1: Watercolor Experimentation

 Students will Learn:

-Use of Watercolors

-Various techniques

-How to create values in Watercolor.

 Projects to be Assessed:

-A blind contour drawing painted with watercolors.

-A monochromatic value study painting of an animal using 5 values.

-A multiple perspective still life painted in a mixed media style.

October / March

  Unit 2: Watercolor Final Projects 

 Students will Learn:

-How to come up with original artwork using various sources of reference

-How to design and create an illustration using Watercolors.

 Projects to be Assessed:

-A Watercolor painting that emphasizes composition while using multiple (at least 3) references.

-A Book Cover Illustration done in watercolor of the Student’s favorite book.

November / April

  Unit 3: Acrylic Experimentation

 Students will Learn:

-How to use Acrylic paints.

-How to create a hard edge painting.

-How to create values and paint form in Acrylic.

 Projects to be Assessed:

-A Hard Edge design painted in Acrylics.

-A sphere or cube painted to look 3-Dimensional in Acrylics.

December – January / May-June

  Unit 4: Acrylic Experimentation 

 Students will Learn:

-How to create an illustration in Acrylic

-How to create a mixed media portrait using most major painting mediums.

 Projects to be Assessed:

-A Children’s ABC/123 book page illustration painted in Acrylics.

-A mixed media portrait using Acrylics, Watercolors, Oils, Colored Pencils.