Course Map for

Advanced Placement Statistics

Month Content Skills Assessment


Introduction to the Course

Descriptive Statistics

Normal Curves

Displaying Distributions

Describing Distributions


Free Response Test

In-Class Quizzes

October Data Relationships:

Correlation, Regression, &



Producing Data

Interpreting Scatterplots

Fitting Lines to Data



Analyzing Study Design

Using Random # Tables

Free Response Test

In-Class Quizzes




Conduct & Analyze

November Experiments & Studies

Sample Design




Conducting SRS’s

Eliminating Bias

Questioning Results

Modeling Random Events

Free Response Test

In-Class Quizzes


Three Card Monty

Free Response Test

December Random Variables

Discrete & Continuous

Law of Large Numbers

Binomial Distributions

Central Limit Theorem

Sample Means

Finding Mean & Variance

Construct Control Charts

Controlling Variance with

Sample Size

Approximating with

Normal Distribution

Free Response Test

In-Class Quizzes


Dice vs. Cards

January Statistical Inference

Confidence Levels

Significance Testing


Constructing Null &

Alternate Hypotheses

Decision Making through


Calculating Power

Free Response Test

In-Class Quizzes


Dice Activity

February Inference for Distribution

The t test

The f test

Two sample tests

Inference for Counts


Using One-Sample &

Matched Pairs

Comparing Two Means

Analyzing Robustness


Free Response Test

In-Class Quizzes

March Comparing Proportions

& Two Way Tables

Regression Inference

Using chi-square Test

Describing Relations

Estimating Parameters

Using Prediction Intervals

Free Response Test

In-Class Quizzes

April Review of all topics in

preparation for AP Test

Reviewing Skills

Free Response & Multiple

Choice sections to time

Multiple choice

review section

Free Response Tests



AP Test


Analyzing Variance