Course Number 8613

Updated April 26, 2009


Standards  (numbers begin with 151302-)




01  Use and care for computer hardware.



02  Safety




Operate and adjust printers and plotters.  Know correct handling of storage media and proper startup and shutdown procedures.

Understand ergonomic considerations.

Identify electrical and mechanical hazards.

.Demonstrate for instructor proper use of equipment.


Safety Test


03  Computer Operating System




04  CAD Drafting Skills


Understand proper file management procedures.  Know how to format disks, export data files and save drawings.


Use a variety of linetypes to construct a drawing using geometric constructions. Use Multiview drawings to properly describe an object.  Know basic measuring systems.


File management exercise.




Linetypes worksheet and test.

Multiview drawings.

Scales Exercises 1-2

Scales Test



05  Create CAD Drawings





06  Edit CAD Drawings


Create and place appropriate orthographic, auxiliary, and section views.  Perform drawing setup, use accuracy tools, and use appropriate symbol libraries.


Use geometry editing/modify commands.  Use and change properties.


Create Multiview drawings using orthographic projection techniques.

Create an Auxiliary and Section drawing.


 Drawing exercises using the trim, extend, fillet, scale, stretch, offset, rotate, mirror, pedit, and ddmodify commands.

Exam on Editing commands.


07  Manipulate CAD Drawings




08  Analyze CAD Drawing


Control coordinates and display scale.  Control entity properties. Use viewing commands.  Use standard parts and symbol libraries.  Setup layers.

Use query commands to interrogate the database.

Calculate the area of objects. List specific information about lines, points and entities..

Sectiondrawing requiring hatch patterns.


Chapter questions on Obtaining information about drawings.

Obtaining Information exercises 1-3

Test on Obtaining Information


09  Dimension CAD Drawings



Apply dimensioning rules correctly.  Understand Ansi y14.5 standards for dimensioning.  Use Cartesian, polar, datum, ordinate, and baseline dimensions.


Apply Autocad drawing skills to produce a quality drawing that demonstrates mastery of the above skills.

Dimensioning drawing exercises.

Dimensioning quizzes.

Dimensioning test.



Plan and draw final project.