Course Map for
Driver Education
Course Number: 6901
                              Instructors: Wade Meier and Lisa Parker                   May 2008






Nov.- Jan.


Jan.- March





-Course Outline and procedures. 
-Health questioners 
-Visual Testing 
-Getting to know your vehicle 
-Starting, steering, stopping the vehicle. 
- Basic driving skills. 

-State Driver Handbook 
  Driver License requirements. 
  Obtaining a drivers license. 
  Rules of the road. 
  Traffic signs, signals, and roadway markings. 
  How accidents may affect you. 
  Health problems. 
  Losing your privilege to drive. 

- Alcohol and other drugs. 
-Driving in adverse conditions. 
-Mountain driving 
-Understanding insurance coverage’s. 
-Map reading skills. 
-Organ and tissue donation. 
-Course conclusion. 


-Understand the requirements 
for successful completion of the three phases (classroom, range, and behind the wheel instruction) of the course. State requirements must be met. 

-Demonstrate visual acuity of 20/40 with corrective lenses. 

-Demonstrate knowledge of driver license requirements for the state of Utah
-Understand rules of driving, traffic signs, signals and road markings. 
-Demonstrate pre-driving checks, starting, steering, stopping and securing the vehicle. 
-Show knowledge of and demonstrate IPDE principles. 
-Develop visual skills necessary for safe handling of an automobile. 

-Demonstrate proper behind wheel driving skills. 








Comments: This course is 9 weeks and runs concurrent with Careers. 
State law requires students to be 15 years old, and have a learner permit issued to them by the Driver License Division before they take this course.

-Oral (and or) written quiz. 

-Completed Heath questioner form. 

-Eye examination. Must have visual acuity of 20/40 with corrective lenses. 

-State handbook written assignments. 

-Chapter readings, written assignments, quizzes and tests. 

-State driver handbook examination. 

-Driving range-observation by instructor 

-Behind the wheel. 
  Rural, highway, freeway, 
 mountain, and urban 
 driving assessed by driving 

-State driver examination (road test).

-Completion of 3 hours of behind the wheel instruction and 6 hours of driving range practice.