Murray Dance Company
Leesa Lloyd

May 2009


Standards (include state core numbers)




  Technique and stretching to get in shape for a new year.

Learn new combinations and choreograph dance for Hello Days  

  Students graded on class attendance and participation, dressing, muscle test, choreographic assignment

Performance of Hello Days


  Officers choreograph dance for Spartan Spec. Everyone choreograph and audition dances for our Christmas Concert

Teach and perfect Spartan Spec dance, teach, learn and perfect dances for Christmas Concert

 Perform Spartan Spec, Written test on dance terminology.  Concert Attendance.  Dance Co. Social to see Thriller. Written critique is due at the end of the term.


 Continuing to learn and perfect dances for Christmas Concert.

 Students must meet deadlines of when dances are to be taught, cleaned and spaced.

 Points are given to the students when they meet the deadlines of having dances taught and cleaned.


 Spacing, lighting and dress rehearsals for the Concert.  The week before Christmas Break the girls will try-out dances to be in the spring concert.  They will have to try out at least 5 dances.

 Attendance is mandatory to all extra rehearsals after dance company time and on Saturday.

  The assessment will be the quality of their performance, how clean the dances are, did the choreography, lighting and costumes.


  Guest choreographer will teach our opening number for the spring concert. 

 The new concert will be announced and we will begin to learn the new 20 dances that will be performed in the spring concert.

Each day we will continue to stretch together and do across the floor to improve our technique.   

  I will continually check on the progress that the choreographers are making with their dances.  Test on dance terminology.  Girls continue to receive points for dressing and participating each day.


  Continue to learn the 20 dances for our concert.  Girls must attend one dance concert per term and write a one page critique on it which is due at the end of the term. 

  The students continue to learn new dances as well as working toward betting their technique as a dancer.  We also incorporate some cardio into our workouts.

  Dancers will set goals as to what dance skills they want to improve on. These will be passed off on a periodic basis.


 By this month dances must be completely taught and cleaning the movement must begin.  

  Each dance will pass off and show that they are completely learned before our spring break. 

  The girls will receive points for knowing the dances completely. 


  After spring break dances will be spaced, costumed and light. We will have extra rehearsals on Saturdays and stay until 6 p.m.  the two weeks leading up to the concert.

  Dancers will have perfected the dances.  We will spend time with about 6 dress rehearsal run-throughs. 

  The dance concert performance is the final assessment.  We will determine if the concert was a success according to how the dances were performed, how well the concert as a whole went.  The girls will watch the concert video and be able to critique themselves.


 During this month we work on our clinic and try-out dances, as well as our final performance which is Spartan Spec.  The girls will be given a written final test for the final.

  The girls will be responsible to choreograph dances to teach at the clinic and try-outs. Information will be given for the final.

  We will assess the success of the clinic and try-outs by how well the new girls learned the dances.  We will determine if Spartan Spec is a success by how well the performance goes. They receive points for every performance as well as the written test.