Grammar/ Vocabulary

Instructor: Ms. Chantel Thackeray Olsen

Last updated May 27th, 2009


Standard (Utah Core Standard) (Language Arts – College Prep)




Students will be able to recognize the parts of speech. (3, 6, 9, 12 & 15)

 Preparation for the ACT test.  

Students will further their vocabulary. (1.8, 4.10, 6.8 & 7.5)

Review & recognize the parts of speech.

Begin preparation for the ACT test.  

Study new vocabulary words each day at the beginning of class.  New words are given weekly.

Homework assignments & a comprehensive test the last week in September.


Daily/weekly assignments & quizzes.


Vocabulary quizzes weekly.


Students will present a concept to the class using verbal and visual skills.  They will develop an activity to use during their demonstration to engage class members and reinforce learning. (7)


Students will further their vocabulary.  (1.8, 4.10, 6.8 & 7.5)

Finalize parts of speech recognition.


Within a group, students will select one element of sentence structure & develop a presentation & a quiz in order to teach the concept to the class.


Daily/weekly vocabulary study & practice. 


Weekly ACT practice tests.

FINAL – Parts of speech


Each student group will prepare a short quiz to assess student understanding of the concept that they have taught.  (The class will need to know the information for the course FINAL.)

 A final test on all weekly vocabulary terms for the first and second quarter will be given the last week of the term.


Students will practice using varied methods of punctuation and sentence structure to make their writing more interesting & appropriate. .(3.5, 6.5, 9.5, 12.5 & 15.5)


Students will further their vocabulary. (1.8, 4.10, 6.8 & 7.5)


Class presentations will continue for the first two weeks of the month. 


Introduction to diagramming sentences.


Daily/weekly vocabulary study & review.


Weekly ACT/SAT practices.

A final test on sentence structure presentations. 

Daily quizzes and practices on diagramming sentences.


Weekly vocabulary quizzes/projects.


Students will learn how to punctuate correctly based on their understanding of sentence structure.  (3.5, 6.5, 9.5, 12.5 & 15.5)



Students will further their vocabulary. (1.8, 4.10, 6.8 & 7.5)

Continue sentence diagramming. 


Begin a study of punctuation.


Daily/weekly vocabulary study & review. 


ACT practices & test taking strategies.

FINAL on diagramming sentences.


Weekly quizzes/assignments on punctuation marks.  At the end of the month, they should be able to use each punctuation mark in their writing.  Students will know the importance of various punctuation marks for different audiences. Punctuation FINAL.


Short tests and writing exercises.


Students will improve their scores on the ACT by two-three points.  

Students will practice using parallelism in their own writing. (3.16)

Students will further their vocabulary. (1.8, 4.10, 6.8 & 7.5)

Finish preparation for the ACT.  full length practice.  Compare scores from the beginning of the year.   

Students will demonstrate, in writing, their knowledge of parallelism, subject/verb agreement, gerunds, parts of speech, predicates, essential & non-essential clauses, punctuation, etc.  

Finish preparation for vocabulary test.


Assess ACT scores. 

Students will have a written portion in the FINAL. 

Students will write using the sentence structures we have discussed in class.

FINAL for course (parts of speech, vocabulary from term 1 & 2, diagramming, sentence structure, & punctuation).   



The second semester is a repeat of the first semester.