Off-Campus Courses

Course Numbers 9410 through 9773

May 20, 2010

Off-Campus Courses

Open Disclosure Document




Rob Couraud                         

CTE Coordinator                                           

                        Career Center, Rm.115                                  

                        801-264-7460, Ext. 5182                               


Off-campus courses are open to students with an interest in subjects and training not offered at Murray High School (MHS).  These courses provide unique opportunities to gain knowledge and skills that otherwise would be unavailable to MHS students.  Most off-campus courses are professional level licensure and/or college credit courses. 



Students must apply and be approved by a hosting school in order to attend an off-campus course.  Students must have a minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average, satisfactory citizenship, and meet any prerequisites established for the off-campus course selected.  Students must remain eligible for each term they are enrolled in an off-campus course.  Eligibility is checked at the beginning of each term.  Satisfactory citizenship is defined as no more than three (3) Unsatisfactory citizenship grades in any class or combination of classes.  Students must have on file, in the Career Center, all of the required Off-Campus Courses forms with appropriate signatures.  Off-Campus courses require multiple class periods and must not conflict with the scheduling of regular MHS classes.  Students who have been previously removed from an off-campus course may not reapply for any off-campus course.  Students and parents are responsible for supplies and materials, textbooks fees, and other course fees as required by the off-campus course chosen by the student.  All off-campus course applications must be approved by the CTE Coordinator


Participation in off-campus courses are privileges offered to MHS students by hosting schools (and colleges).  MHS students are expected to adhere to the standards and policies required by the hosting schools as well as those of Murray High School.  MHS students will be held responsible for the things they do or fail to do.



Hosting schools are required to report student attendance to Murray High School.  While enrolled in off-campus courses, MHS students are required to adhere to the schedules of the hosting schools (this includes bell schedules and school calendars).  The Murray High School on-line attendance will mirror what is reported by the hosting schools as closely as possible.  Weekly student attendance reports are available upon request in the Career Center.


The Murray High School citizenship policy will be enforced for students attending an off-campus course.  MHS students and parents must be familiar with the MHS citizenship policy found in the MHS Student Handbook.  An unsatisfactory citizenship grade will be issued for any term in which a hosting school reports any of the following:

One (1) or more unexcused absences.

Four (4) or more excused absences (see Appeals in MHS Student Handbook).

One (1) or more truancies.

Two (2) or more unremediated tardies.

Misconduct or misbehavior as defined by the hosting school.


Citizenship (continued):

Arrangements for remediation of all unsatisfactory citizenship grades must be made at the MHS Citizenship Office, room 118. 

Students should make sure they receive the hosting school’s policy information so that they and their parents/guardians can become familiar with the required conduct and behavior.  More than three (3) cumulative unsatisfactory citizenship grades in any class or combination of classes may result in removal from the MHS Off-Campus Courses program and enrollment into regular MHS classes (see Eligibility requirements above).



Grades are awarded by the hosting school in accordance with that hosting school’s policies and will be entered on the student’s MHS transcript.  Most schools have grading information outlined in the course syllabus or in an open disclosure document.  Students are responsible to obtain a copy of the course syllabus or disclosure document.  Grading information usually includes, but is not limited to, grading scales, rubrics, late work, missing work, academic dishonesty, and classroom participation.


Failure to maintain a minimum “C” grade or higher may result in removal from an off-campus course and enrollment into regular MHS classes.


If there is a perceived error in a term grade, any changes must be completed with the following term or by June 30th for the fourth term.



Transportation to and from the hosting school is the responsibility of the student and the parent/guardian.


Off-Campus Permits:

An off-campus permit is required for all students participating in off-campus courses.  Truancy tickets may be issued to students who fail to carry their permit when they are off-campus during school hours.  Students will surrender their permits upon course completion, or withdrawal/removal from an off-campus course.


Off-campus courses can be one of the best educational experiences a student can have while attending Murray High School.  Appropriate conduct, behavior, and attendance will ensure that MHS students will continue to have the opportunity to enroll in these courses offered by hosting schools.


Statement of Understanding:  I have read the Work-Based Learning Open Disclosure Document and understand the expectations, requirements, and the MHS policies outlined in this document.  I agree to abide by the terms of this document and I am committed to do my part in making this off-campus experience rewarding and educational.   I understand that if I do not abide by the terms outlined in this document, or the expectations of the hosting school, as well as those of Murray High School, I may no longer be allowed the privilege of attending off-campus courses and will be enrolled to attend regular MHS classes.


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