Business Communications/English 12

Course Number 4340-5

Instructor: Mrs. Susan Furner

Month Standard Skills Assessment
Aug. Communication Model

Communication Barriers

Active Listening

Standard 0000-03

Listen for Meaning

Courtesy/Respect for Speaker

Following Oral Directions

Take accurate notes

Evaluate Personal Communication Skills

Set Personal Communication Skills Goals

Sept. Compose Effective Written Communications

Standard 0000-02

Demonstrate Keyboarding Skills

Proofread and Edit Documents

Practice Correct Spelling, Grammar, Word Usage

Compose Mailable Routine Letters, Bad News Letters, E-mail, Reports Using Proper Format & Write Clear & Concise Instructions
Oct. Develop and Practice Effective Oral & Nonverbal Communication Skills

Standard 0000-01

Writing an Effective Speech

Delivering a Speech

Evaluating a Speaker

Impromptu Speaking

Practice Speech Writing (Content, Organization, & Delivery)

Write a 2/12 minute Speech on a topic of choice

Peer Evaluations

Impromptu Speeches

Nov. Improve and Demonstrate Effective Informational Reading Skills

Improve and Demonstrate

Proper Business Etiquette

Standard 0000-05

Read/Follow Directions

Select Appropriate Reading Methods

Identify Biased Writing/Propaganda

Finding Information from a Variety of Sources

SQ3R Study Reading Method--Sympathy Article

Read 3 Current Events from the Internet & Write a 1-page Summary

Research Assigned Etiquette Topic

Group Etiquette Presentations

Etiquette Luncheon

Dec. Apply Basic Social Communication Skills

Standard 0000-06

Conflict Resolution

Types & Impact of Discrimination

Office Relationships (Sexual Harassment, Grapevines, Office Politics, Ethics, Employee & Customer Rights)

Tact & Courtesy

Conflict Resolution Role Plays

Sexual Harassment Case Studies--Would it be Sexual Harassment?

Writing My Personal Code of Ethics

Jan. Successfully Integrate the Pursuit of Employment Communications Skills

Standard 0000-04

Write an Effective Application Letter & Resume

Properly Complete a Job Application Form

Demonstrate Effective Interviewing Skills

Demonstrate an Understanding of Dressing Appropriately for the Interview

Create a Resume

Write an Application Letter

Properly Fill Out an Application Form

Interview Role Plays

Explore Job Search Strategies

Create Posters--What Employers Expect in Employees

State Exam