IT Web Development

Instructor: Mr. Paul Reynolds






Standard 01

Students will understand the basic principles of how the Internet is constructed, how it functions, and how it is used.

S1- Researching on the Internet

Designing a web site

S1- Search for the History of the Internet online

Create a mockup for a web site


Standard 02-0206

The student will use XHTML standards and coding to create web pages.



Standard 0207

Identify and use design and color principles for web pages.


Standard 03

Students will format web pages using CSS formatting:

S2—Understaning the Document Object Model and XHTML tags. 


S0207—Develop understanding of design principles as related to web development

S4-Discovering how to add styles to XHTML elements.

S2 Create basic XHTML pages.


S3—Redesign a current website


S4-Add basic styles like color, font-family, and background to a web page


Standard 0302

Create and use internal, embedded, and external style sheets.. (4-5 weeks)


S5 –Review XTHML tags.  Learn attributes and values of different CSS elements.

S5—Add embedded CSS and an external CSS sheet to a web page.


All About Me Web Page

or Hobbies & Interests


Create New Product Web Page


Standard 04

Students will plan, design, add content, and maintain web pages. (4-5 Weeks)



S6—Creating a full site design.  Adding multiple pages to one site.  Organizing the content of the site.


S6-Create a design for a new web site.


Complete a Website Development Questionnaire

Create Page Details for each page in the web site


Standard 0501

Scripting fundamentals -- Understand and be able to describe programming-related terms dealing with servers and scripts. (1-week)


S7—Adding javascript for client side interactions.


S7—Develop the Web Site.  Include some interaction through javascript.


Competency Test Review

Review Terms

Web Creation Practice

Internet/Web Page Study Guide

Web Page Creation Practice Competency


State Competency Exam