Course Map for

Child Development

Month Content Skills Assessment


History of Children

Four areas of development

Heredity V.S. environment




-Write 10 childhood experiences

-Identify the 4 areas of development

-Determine how people are influenced

-Recognize parenting responsibilities

-Observe inherited traits

*Produce the written experiences

*List the 4 areas with examples

*Compare the similarities of twins

*Classify pregnancy symptoms

Write a tribute to parents

*Make a punnet square on cookies

October Conception

Labor and Delivery

Prenatal Development


-Observe the a fertilized egg and the pathway to implantation

-Identify the three stages of labor and terminology

-Determine the stages of prenatal development

-Discuss bonding

*Draw the pathway of conception and implantation

*Ask questions about the three stages of labor

*Compare and weigh fetus models, write fetus characteristics

*Be responsible for a baby for a week.

November Neonate Development Determine the price of a baby

Equipment Safety

Infant Development

-Discover neonate characteristics

-Determine the price of a baby

-Observe the consequences of unsafe equipment

-Identify the stages of infant development

*Watch the neonate slides, and visit the hospital

*Chart the cost of baby equipment and total it

*Design a baby safety add

*Make a poster or brochure of infant milestones

December Guidance and Discipline

Toddler Development

Preschool Development

School age Development

Special Topics

-Observe positive guidance techniques

-Determine age appropriate behavior for toddlers

-Research preschool age capabilities

-Identify school age children

-Identify gross and fine motor capabilities

*Write positive statements and rephrase negative statements

*Write reasonable, related, respectful consequences

*Make puppets and practice finger plays for toddlers

*Predict and write toilet readiness

*Identify the age of a child from a picture.

*List fine and gross motor skills

January Toys and Games

Challenging Times

Teaching Children

-Identify the role toys play in development

-Understand that children have challenges

-Determine appropriate activities for children

*Design a toy out of common items.

*Perform a service for children

*Make activities for and do them with children.

February Repeat for second semester