Course Map for

Computer Technology
Semester (0.5 credits)

Updated May 2010



(includes state core numbers)



August-September / January -February

         Student will enhance Keyboarding skills. (Standard 0000-01)



         Student will develop knowledge of computer basics and use an operating system. (Standard 0000-02)


         Students will access on-line information resources. (Standard 0000-06)


         Students will use correct keyboarding technique to improve speed and accuracy.



         Identify major components of a computer and evaluate each components contribution to a computer.


         Students will learn how to navigate on the internet and use different search engines to aid in their search. Learn what is available on the Internet


         Evaluation of proper keystrokes, smooth rhythm, proper posture, and eyes on copy or screen.



         Identify Hardware and Software components with basic understanding of how a computer is made.


         Download internet resources on the Web. Evaluate the quality of information on the websites. Use browse and keyword functions to find resources on the Internet.

October / March

         Students will apply document-processing skills. Each student will be able to use the following when creating a letter, memo, report, or other business document. (Standard 0000-03)

         Students will create a letter, memo, report, flyer, and other business documents.


         Able to retrieve, edit, save, and print a document. Include textual citations and references in a report. Insert text files and graphics. Change margins, text alignment, line spacing, tabs, move, copy, and page setup.

November / April

         Students will create spreadsheets and manipulate data. (Standard 0000-04)








         Students will demonstrate an understanding of ethics related to computer technology. (Standard 0000-05)


         Students will create a spreadsheet of data and learn how to calculate information from that data. They will also create charts and graphs based on the data they entered.





         Copyright and license law regarding software, database contents, internet publications, and other published materials.


         Create, retrieve, modify, format, save, and print a spreadsheet. Copy, move, insert, and delete date. Insert and delete columns and rows. Calculate with formulas (+, -, *, /) and simple functions (sum, average). Create, save, print, and interpret a chart or graph.


         Understand ethics related to posting and citing Internet information resources, the role of an Acceptable Use Policy, and the rights of privacy with respect to computer-based information.

December / May

         Students will successfully use electronic mail (email). (Standard 0000-07)




         Students will create an electronic presentation. (Standard 0000-08)

         Use a personal email account to send, receive, reply to, and forward email messages.




         Several electronic presentations implementing different features.

         Send a file as an attachment as an outgoing message to the teacher and other classmates. Receive and open an attachment to an incoming email message.


         Presentation will include a variety of slide layouts, transitions, automatic timings, graphics, text, and use correct language mechanics.

January / June

         With the cooperation of a teacher in a different content area, students will create and implement an integrated project. (Standard 0000-09)



         State Computer Technology Exam

         Integrated Project Completion







         Take the online state exam.

         Project will have any or all of the following in a project that will be presented to the teacher: document processing, spreadsheet, and electronic presentation.


         Pass the exam with 80% or higher.