Computer Programming 1A

Updated June 1, 2011


Standards (include state core numbers)




 110201-01 Students will be familiar with and use a programming environment.

  Understanding the basic components of a computer and how it is programmed. 


Learn the basics of how to use the IDE to create simple Java programs

Computer Basics worksheet


Create a simple programs that use input and output


 110201-02 Students will employ accepted programming methodology.

110201-03 Students will properly use language-fundamental commands and operations.

Learn what classes and objects are.


Correctly use UML to design class files.


Use variables and arithmetic operators to create simple algorithms.

Create simple programs that can perform mathematical calculations.


Use the order of operations in a program to correctly convert values.


110201-04 Students will properly employ control structures

  Learn how and when to use decision making statements.


Learn what repetition statements to use in given situations.


Learn how to create Graphical User Interfaces.

Create a simple game such as rock, paper, scissors that uses decision statements and repetition controls.


Create a Graphical User Interface for that game.


 110201-05 Students will demonstrate knowledge of current ethical issues dealing with computers and information in society.


110201-06 Students will develop an awareness of career opportunities in the Computer Programming/Software Engineering industry and of its history.

  Understand ethical issues involved in creating software and distributing software.

Ethics Guide


Student Interest Survey


 Competency Test Review

 Review Terms

 Programming Study Guide

Programming Basics Practice Competency

 State Competency Exam