Course Map for

Foundations of Art
Teacher: Richard White

State core VA 1200

For portfolio outline:

Last updated on  April 24, 2002





August - September / January - February


Drawing what you see
Drawing what you know
Programmed drawing

Visual vocabulary
Art history review
Drawing Techniques
block technique

Grid system

Drawing from a visual reference
Drawing from a reference in your mind
Memorizing drawing a specific thing

Understanding and using elements and principles of art
Understanding the evolution of western art

Creating simple shape outlines
Creating outlines on drawing paper from a outlined reference

Making a squared grid
Making a “diamond, plus, X grid
Enlarging a picture

30 min. Drawing
2hr. Draw What You See
Landscape from your mind
Memorize a snake and a penguin

Video and slide review (throughout the semester)

Monster truck drawing
    picture of the truck
Sports car drawing
Poster project (1 main drawing, 3 small detail drawings organized on a poster board)
Grid enlargement drawing

October / March

1 point perspective




2 point perspective

Drawing simple forms 1 pt. 


Drawing your name 1 pt.

Drawing an alley 1 pt.

Drawing simple forms 2 pt.

Creating an architectural mock up
Creating an architectural drawing

6 random boxes drawing (1 pt.)
15 ordered boxes drawing (1 pt.)
Draw your name 3-D (1 pt.)
Draw an alley scene
(1 pt.)

9 random boxes (2 pt.)
9 ordered boxes (2 pt.)
Site map
Cardboard building model
Drawing of model and site map (2 pt.)
a) Demo/simple house b) Requirements

November / April

Value and its application for realism
Tone within fills

Three tone rule


Applying even value
Applying gradient value
Creating value on simple forms


Sectioned value scale
Gradient value scale
Cube, cylinder, cone

Lino-cut printing  

Shapes vs. lines
Linoleum cut print

Constructing a collage
Using lino-cutting tools
Using the printing press, brayers and ink
Printing in a series standards

Black and white collage

4 final prints plus BAT

December - January / May-June

Water color techniques
Wet into wet

Value in watercolor
Dry brush

Watercolor process

Using a pre-wet paper & gravity in watercolor
Creating multiple tones with a single color
Working light to dark

Flat washes
Simple cubes
Gradient washes
Cylinders and spheres
Mixed wash & dropping in color
Lake & birds landscape
Frog painting
Final project
Portfolio review