Course #7800





August/ January

Healthy Self

1.1        -Physical, mental, & social aspects of health

5.4    -Environmental concerns

1.4    -Decision Making

         -Self Esteem

-Recognize and analyze healthy lifestyle factors. 
-Demonstrate critical thinking through decision making.

-Analyze the process of creating a safe and caring environment 

-Group Activities 
-Class Discussion - factors that contribute to total health
-Chapter Reading & Questions 
-Written Test

September/ February


6.2    -Benefits of physical fitness 

         -Components of physical fitness 

          -Exercise program 

First Aid & CPR

          -Sports injuries

-Describe positive long term effects of a program of regular physical exercise.

-Create an exercise program

-Group Activities 
-Class Discussion
-Chapter Reading & Questions 
-Written Test

- CPR training

October/ March


6.1    -Identify basic nutrients

         -Fast food

         -Disordered eating

4.1    -Diabetes

First Aid & CPR

          -Sports injuries

-Discuss the long term negative health effects of poor nutritional choices. 
-Describe the health dangers involved in extremely faulty weight loss diets. 
-Identify common eating disorders and their causes. 
-Discuss potentially harmful substances and additives found in our modern food supply. 

-Practice CPR

-Group Activities 
-Class Discussion
-Chapter Reading & Questions 
-Written Test

-Analyze current diet

- CPR training

November/ April

Mental Health

1.2    -Stress Management

5.2    -Suicide

1.1    -Mental Disorders

1.3    -Grieving Process

Substance Abuse Prevention

2.1    -What is addiction?

         -Tobacco Use

         -Alcohol Use

         -Drug Use

2.2    -Prevention

-Identify ways to cope with or reduce stress.

-Identify warning signs

-Coping with loss

-Distinguish between use, misuse, and abuse of legal and illegal substances. 
-Explain and discuss the harmful effects of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products. 
-Evaluate the risks of substance abuse and identify positive alternatives.

-Progressive Relaxation Activity 
-Group Activities 
-Class Discussion - Stressors
-Chapter Reading & Questions

-Mental Health Pamphlet

-Anti-Drug T-shirt

December/ May-June

Human Development & Relationships

3.4    -Reproductive Anatomy

4.2    -Sexually Transmitted Diseases

         -Conception & Development

3.2 & 3.3  

        Relationships & Dating

-List the functions of the reproductive system.

-Recognize the symptoms, prevention, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

-Discuss responsible sexual behavior, benefits of abstinence before marriage and fidelity after.

-Anatomy Labeling

-Written Test

-Group Activities

-Class Discussion

-Chapter Reading & Questions