Course Map for Housing and Interior Design

Course # 846301

Month Content Skills Assessment


Class introduction. Creative expression. Housing needs. Rental rules. Rental contracts. Choosing roommates. Creative assignments. Creativity games. Create a boy's bedroom. Dream house; why man creates; dream house collage; Maslow's hierarchy of needs; Do you know your Neighborhood? Space Evaluation. Ch. 1 & 2 Visual assessment of creative activities: Chapter & note quizzes; Written evaluation of related class material.
October Finding a place to live. Steps to buying, mortgages, credit. Evaluation of a model home. Buying vs. Renting. Home ownership. If you were sharing an Apt; Design housing Project unit; Home buying cartoon strip; Roommates; So you're thinking about moving out: let's apt. Shop; Model home field trip; What are these ads saying?; Finding a home, signing a lease; Rental agreements & leases; To rent or buy. Ch 8,9,10,11. Evaluate student made video: Pros & cons of renting vs buying evaluation; Oral & written assessment of related class material.
November Color harmony. Hue/Value/ Intensity. Color Schemes. Unity. Color Wheel. Mix & paint color wheel; Value stencils; Color harmony for interiors; 9 color scheme wall borders; What can colors do?; Color unity; Color scheme magazine pictures; Color scheme application; Planning a color scheme; Factors to consider in selecting colors. Ch 17 Quizzes related to class material; Visual evaluationi of color schemes.
December Principles and elements of design. Miniature model home project. (Apply all interior design skills & creativity) Analyzing principles of design; Elements - hands on experience; Looking for balance & rhythm; Optical illusions; Arranging wall groupings; Principles of design advertisement; Design elements of chairs; Making space in a room; Model home project. Ch 16 & 18 Chapter & note quizzes; Visual & written assessment of class related material; Student participation.
January Miniature model home project cont. Model home project cont. Student participation; Visual & written assessment by students & teacher.
February Backgrounds. Window treatments. Paint & moldings. Wallpaper Backgrounds; Window treatments; Paint & molding; Wallpaper Chapter & note quizzes; Visual & written assessment related to class work.
March Flooring. Furniture styles & placement. Color board. (Apply all background & color skills learned) Carpeting; The basics; Flooring speaker; Flooring fill-in; Carpet characteristics; Flooring assignment; Oral furniture report; Design a music room; Furniture arrangement; Furniture design in a room; Required spaces; Color board project. Ch. 20, 21, 22. Oral presentation evaluation; Quizzes on furniture styles & flooring; Group student evaluation of creativity; Visual evaluation of topics related to class material.
April Lettering. Blue printing symbols. Floor plans. Apply all floor plan skills learned. Dream house floor plans. Basic letter forms; create a card; architectural symbols; Interpreting architectural symbols; Reading floor-plans; The kitchen; Traffic patterns; Design a one bedroom apt.: forced housing choices; Evaluating house plans; Establishing boundaries; Create dream house floor plans. Ch 24 Visual evaluation of topics related to class material; Quizzes on blueprinting symbols & their use in floor plans; Visual assessment of rules & creativity; Visual evaluation of floor plans.
May-June Dream house floor plans cont. Home evaluation. Dream home furniture placement. Dream home floor plan cont. Visual evaluation of dream home floor plan: Elevation & furniture overlay.