Course Map for

Photography III / Photo Tech

State Core:  VA 1170
Month Content Skills Assessment


*Alternative printing procedures 

*Intro. To alternative printing processes 

*Photo mosaics 

*Copy transfers

*Review special printing procedures 

*Creative experimentation of printing procedures 

*Adapt skills learned of printing procedures and develop alternative printing processes using a variety of chemicals, and tools, etc. 

*The use of many images to create one image in photo mosaics 

*Using high contrast prints to create copy transfers


*Written and verbal critiques 





October *Polaroid transfers 

*Emulsion Transfer 

*Emulsion Print 


*Exploring the use of a polaroid camera 

*Liquid polaroid transfer process 

*Color retouching 

*Emulsion transfer process 

*Using a day lab unit, print an emulsion print from a color slide 

*Printing process of cyanotype

*Polaroid prints 

*Discussion and demonstration 

*Polaroid transfers 


*Emulsion transfer 



*Emulsion print 

*Cyanotype print 

*Written and verbal critique of each project

November *Kenotype 


*Into. To design 

*Elements and principles 


*Working prep. 


*Printing process of kenotype 

*Printing process of grumbite 

*Graphic design elements and principles 

*Understanding audience, employer, etc. 

*Creative process 

*Professional presentaiton

*Kenotype print 


*Grumbite print 




*Working prep 


December *Typography 

*Intro. To PageMaker 

*Corporate Identity 

*Intro. to negative scanning 

*Intro. to flat bed scanning 

*Graphic design

*Terms and vocabulary for typography 

*Identify and draw type styles 

*Use type to create image 

*Develop corporate identity 

*Negative scanning techniques 

*Flat bed scanning 

*Elements of graphic design

*Discussion and demonstration 


*Drawn type styles 

*Personality image 

*Corporate identity 

*Written and verbal critique 

*Negative scanning 

*Flat bed scanning 

January *Intro. To Photoshop 

*Final portfolio

*Photoshop tools 

*Photoshop techniques 

*Design cover of magazine 

*Design CD cover 

*Alternative printing processes 


*Discussion and demonstration 

*Tool manipulation assign. 

*Magazine cover 

*Written and verbal critique 

*CD cover 

*Final 10 prints 

*Final computer project