Instructor:  Mr. Keeko Georgelas






Standard 01

Students will discover the world of sports marketing and the use of marketing to promote sports and non-sports businesses in sports.

S1- Define sports marketing


Describe the 4 P’s of sports marketing


Define and explain marketing functions

S1- Area research  1.1


Team Names  1.2


Team Identity 1.3


Team Posters 1.4


Standard 1 Sample Test


Standard 02

Students will assess the fan’s role in sports marketing as a spectator & consumer.



Standard 04

Students will assess the importance of event marketing and entertainment in sports.



Standard 03

Identify the role of corporate sponsors.


S2-Ilustrate the role of the fan as a sports participant.


Recognize the different types of sporting events.


 S4—Define the components and sports properties.


Evaluation of the event.


S3-Students will assess the role of corporate sponsors/partners in sports marketing.

S2 - Venue Project


Standard 2 Sample Test




S4—Super bowl Project


March Madness Project


Standard 4 Sample Test


S3- Standard 4 Sample Test


Event Triangle & Examples



Standard 05

Students will discover the importance and elements used in developing a promotion mix to market sports business.


S5 –Identify the roles and types of promotions.


Identify the components of the promotion mix.


Develop a Promotion Plan

S5—Promotion Plan


Standard 5 Sample Test


Marketing Plan


Standard 06

Students will discover the importance and elements used in developing a proposal to attract non-sports businesses to sporting events.


S6—Sponsorship Planning


Sponsorship proposals



S6 – Sponsorship proposal


Practical application at an event.


Venue design



Standard 07

Students will discover the processes used in developing a sports marketing plan for and event.

S7—Marketing Plan



S7—Group Presentation


Competency Test Review

Review Terms with cross word puzzles

Review Learning Journals

Review sample tests



State Competency Exam