Sports Skills

Updated on May 28, 2008







January- June

-Disclosure and Class Procedures


-Locker Assignments


Bowling rules and procedures


-Review of Equipment (7600-0202)

-Review of fitness components

-Warm up procedures

-Flexibility exercises

-Rules of games and sport

-Specific technique used in games and sport

-Testing for knowledge of rules and proper technique used in specific games and sport. Games and Sports would include:

n Softball

n Basketball

n Volleyball

n Football

n Soccer

n La Crosse

n Kick-ball

n Speed ball

Pickle Ball



(7600-0105) -Daily warm up, exercise, and stretching


-Variety of games

-Individual and team sports

(7700-0301) -Learning how to work at and master technique for assigned sport or game.

(7600-0201) -Recognize and analyze components of skills to be competitive at game or sport

(7600-0105) -Demonstrate components of fitness

(7700-0201) -Identify factors to improve skills

-Write a personal fitness program using games played in class

-Understand safety issues

(7600-0105) -Understand proper warm up and flexibility development

-Understand the importance of setting goals both long and short term

Disclosure test


Bowling test
-Active participation in skills, rules, games

-Daily participation in class

-Proper Dress

-Daily observation by instructor with correction and teaching of proper techniques

-Students records

-Evaluation of goals.

This course is a semester course, therefore the content is covered over a period of one semester, and then repeated the following semester. Due to the nature of this course, the content is taught for each sport or game prior to the start of competition. The remainder of the time is spent in developing the skills of the students, teaching, observing, testing, and evaluating. Adjustments are made in course content according to the needs and development of the students.

*Numbers shown in bold type correspond with the Utah state core curriculum standards.