Teacher:  Susan Nielsen


Content / Core Standard

Learning Activity




Standard 01

Students will use correct keyboarding technique to improve speed and accuracy

Standard 02

Basic Word Processing Functions

Students will work with a typing tutor program or a skill building program to improve technique, speed, and accuracy.

Identify all components of the word processing window and learn default settings for margins, line spacing, alignment and tabs.

Assignments in an appropriate program will be completed daily.  

Evaluation of proper keystrokes, smooth rhythm, proper posture, and eyes on copy.

Demonstrate a speed increase of 4-8 words per minute on a 3-minute timed writing with no more than 2 errors per minute.

Students will access features and execute commands using menus, toolbars, and the keyboard.





Standard 03


Standard 04

Document Formatting

Standard 05

Business Documents

Use writing tools for spelling, thesaurus, and grammar.  Use Insert and Overtype.

Use alignment, line spacing, and margin features to format documents.  Use page numbering, vertical centering, and headers and footers to format documents. 

Set left, right, center, decimal, and dot leader tabs, and create tabulated text.

Format paragraphs with a left and right indent, and a hanging indent.

Properly formatted business documents will be illustrated.

Demonstrate ability to make corrections indicated by proofreaders’ marks.  

Use writing tools for spelling, thesaurus, and grammar. 

Edit documents. 

Use cut, copy and paste within a document.

Create various business documents applying all skills covered. 

Use widow/orphan protection and insert page breaks. 

Create lists using bullets and numbered lists.

Create tables with information organized in rows and columns.

Prepare a properly formatted memo for use in a business setting.

Create business letters using block and modified block styles and open and mixed punctuation.

Prepare a report with references using an acceptable format.


State Word Processing Exam

Review packets, practice test

A certificate from the State Office of Education will be earned if the student passes with 80% or higher.