Please do NOT send special toys, videos or other items with your child as they are likely to be lost or broken. Toys brought to school usually cause problems. Please encourage your child to leave unnecessary items at home or in your vehicle until after school. Show and tell items are to be brought on the designated day only. Please label all items brought to school with your child’s name. We will not be responsible for unnecessary items your child brings to school.

Your child will need a medium sized blanket (quilts and other large blankets will be sent home weekly for laundering), a pillow and pillow case labeled with their name. We provide a sheet cover for the cot or mat your child will lay on. Bedding is washed weekly or as needed. All children are expected to lay quietly during nap time whether they sleep or not. During this time the lights will be dimmed, and music played. After approximately 45 minutes the children who have rested quietly, and do not sleep, will be allowed to get up and participate in quiet activities until about 2:30 p.m.

All clothing must be labeled with your child’s name. We will not be responsible for clothing that is not labeled. Clothing and shoes should be comfortable and allow for ease in movement. During outside play the woodchips can cause foot injuries, thus no flip-flops or open sandals.. We use “washable” art supplies and wear smocks to cover clothes during activities but, occasionally, accidents happen. Please send your child in clothes that, if they are stained, won’t be a major concern.

Bathroom accidents can be minimized if children wear clothing that is easy for them to get off. Select clothing that encourages your child to be independent: snaps, elastic waist, large buttons, Velcro, etc. Belts, difficult buttons, overalls, and one piece clothing cause problems for children getting on the potty in time to avoid an accident. Soiled clothing will be put in a plastic bag and placed in your child’s cubby to be taken home. State standards do not allow us to launder clothing from potty accidents.

All children must have a complete change of clothes, including socks. Please label each item of clothing. You may choose to leave the clothes at school in a bag or backpack (please check frequently), or send them each day.

Please dress your child appropriately for the weather. We will go outside everyday unless the air quality is unhealthy or if it is extremely cold or very wet weather. Hats, gloves and warm coats are required when the weather is cold. If a child insists on wearing a dress they must wear warm tights, or other appropriate item under the dress, in cold weather.

If any of your child’s clothing or outer wear is missing please check the other cubbies. Most of the coats get hung on random hooks, especially if they are not labeled with a name. On the last day of school any clothing left in the cubby area will be assimilated.

Please remember to donate older or out-grown clothing that we may use for extra clothes. Clothing marked boldly with Spartan Station will be available for children to wear if they do not have extra clothes at school. If your child is sent home in the extra clothing, please return them in a timely manner.

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