Forms & Handouts
Updated April 5, 2018

Where indicated the following are Microsoft Word forms (doc or docx) that can be filled out by opening the file, moving through the fields with the tab key, filling them out, then printing them. Others are portable document files (PDF) that require Adobe Acrobat Reader and work best with a current version. You can download Acrobat Reader by clicking on the link.

The following are the course disclosure statement, course map, and the disclosure contracts that you are to fill out, sign, and bring with you on the first day of class as part of the required summer assignment.

Honors English 10 Course Disclosure

Honors English disclosure contract (PDF)

Honors English disclosure contract (docx)

Course Map for Honors English 10

Here is the instruction sheet on how to mark and annotate your summer reading and all other reading assignments.

Marking and Annotating a text:

Word, docx

Web page, html

Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF

Complete copy of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (PDF, 35 pages)

Grade Enhancement Forms.  Please read the grade enhancement instructions very carefully

The following form is the summary sheet that you attach to the review or readings forms or the other documentation you provide in order to earn enhancement points. Please be clear, accurate, and do the math involved correctly.

Grade Enhancement Summary Sheet (PDF)

Grade Enhancement Summary Sheet (docx)

The following is the form that you fill out when you provide a copy of one of the books that we read in class. You need to do this in order to earn points for the books you provide. This is also the form you use when you read a book from the list of approved books for enhancement points.

Review of Readings Form (PDF)

Review of Readings Form (docx)

Basic, everyday, surviving the class forms:

Essay Grading Rubric (PDF)

Vocabulary Lists (HTML)

APA Research Guides:

Directions for formatting an APA research project (PDF)

APA reference list & in-text citation guide (PDF)

Properly formatted sample research paper (PDF) (not the assignment you are doing)

Anthology Forms and examples:

Complete Personal Anthology Handout (PDF)

Personal Anthology Content Checklist (PDF)

Example of a properly organized table of contents, biography section, & reference list. (PDF)