Annotating a Text

This method of interaction with your text requires you to write directly in the book by highlighting key words and phrases, writing questions or comments in the margins (which you MUST do), bracketing important ideas or passages, connecting ideas that are important to understanding the work, and circling/highlighting/defining unfamiliar words.

The following are specific elements to look for as you annotate your text:

You may want to consider using a “key” as you identify and label your text: (You can also use different colors to represent different elements in the text.)

I will check your book on the days indicated on the calendar.  And you will turn in your book to be checked a final time on the day the reading multiple choice test is due.  You will need to have annotations throughout the ENTIRE book for full credit.

I will score your annotations as follows: 

NOTE:  If you check out a book from the school, you must put your annotations on post-it notes and keep them in the book.  You will only be able to use your book and what is directly in it when writing essays.  You may not use anything written on notebook paper.