Enhancement Book List: Honors Sophomore English
Updated May 10, 2018

These are the only books I have approved in advance for additional reading enhancements.  Many of these books are by contemporary writers and the authors are ethnically diverse.  Be aware that you may encounter "adult" or otherwise disturbing aspects in some of these booksYou are responsible for the choices you make in doing this optional reading.   The purpose of this list is to acquaint you with cultures and perspectives different from those encountered in the regular classroom canon or from a traditional list of "classics" and to enlarge your exposure to books referenced on the AP English Literature and Composition test.

You do NOT have to buy these books. They will be available from any good library. Check around and trade with other students who have read something different and have the book.

Enhancements must be handed in on or before the Friday before the end of the quarter. Check the course calendar for the exact date.