Summer Assignment
2018-2019 Honors Sophomore English
Updated May 15, 2018

All of this work is required and will go on your grade. I expect everyone who shows up for class on the first day of the year will have this work completed and will be prepared for a fast start to the year. If you don't want to do the work, you should not be in this class. If you have questions, please email me at and remember to put your name at the end of the email so I know who is writing to me.  I check my email all the time.

  1. Read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain. This is one of the most important novels in American literature. Please make sure that you read a complete and unabridged version of this novel. I suggest that you purchase used books either Online or from a local used bookstore.
  2. Annotate your text. This is a process much much more involved than just underlining or highlighting as you read. It is important that you do this thoroughly and as instructed. You need to make sure that your annotations present evidence that you have read the whole book. You will be able to use your annotated book when you write essays throughout the year.
  3. Review the essay tutorials that are found on the class web web site at These are all PDF files. 

The next part of the summer work cannot be completed until August when the classes will be listed on Canvas. [Please note, depending on when the district sets up the course, this may not be available until after the start of school.] Before the start of the school year on Monday, August 20th, log onto Canvas, go to the Honors English 10 course and do the following:

  1. Read the course disclosure.
  2. Download and fill out the Disclosure Contract. This is a PDF file that you can fill out Online. Fill this out completely and bring it with you to class on the first day.