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Attendance Requirements


The State of Utah's Compulsory Education Law requires that ALL children attend school, including secondary students up to the age of 18. Beginning third term, Murray High School will be enforcing this law by referring chronically truant students to the Juvenile Justice System. Truancy IS viewed as a criminal offense by the court system.

It is important to note that any school absence beyond seven days MUST be verified by a doctor's note, AND that any absence due to a family vacation must be PRE-excused by an administrator. Doctor's notes and pre-approved vacations will help expedite the citizenship appeal process as well. Five days of unexcused absences and seven days of excused absences is considered chronically truant. Murray High School is dedicated to every student's academic and personal success. Thank you for your support.

Stressing academic grades without placing at least equal emphasis upon attendance fails to recognize one of the major purposes for public education. For this reason the Murray School District has established an attendance requirement as a portion of the standard for graduation from Murray High School.

  1. Attendance Overview
    1. Graduation requirements at Murray High School include satisfactory attendance and adherence to the rules and policies of the school.
    2. Attendance grades will be awarded on the following basis:
      • S-Satisfactory
      • U-Unsatisfactory
    3. The attendance grade is determined by student performance in the following areas:
      • Excessive Absences
      • Unexcused Absences
      • Truancy
      • Tardies
    4. "U" (Unsatisfactory)grades will be given for:
      • 1 or more unexcused absences
      • 2 or more un-remediated tardies
      • 4 or more excused absences (pending appeal approval
      • 1 or more un-remediated truancies (sluffs)
    5. Any "U"’s received must be remediated prior to graduation
    6. Students who fail to meet attendance requirements will not graduate from Murray High School.
    7. The attendance policy will be explained to the students at the beginning of the school year, and periodically throughout the school year.
  2. Attendance Definitions and Procedures
    1. Attendance
      1. Students who miss class must have their parent/guardian call the school to excuse a legitimate absence within 5 school days of the absence. Board policy defines a legitimate absence as:
        • Personal illness of pupil (Principal may require a note from a doctor.)
        • Serious illness or death of a member of the family
        • Grave emergencies demanding the help of the pupil at home
        • Unavoidable delays or failure of transportation
        • Other circumstances that in the judgment of the principal constitute a justifi able absence from school and for which arrangements have been made with the principal in advance
      2. If students have any unexcused absences from any individual class, during the term, they will receive a "U" for that class.
      3. On the fourth excused absence in a class a student will receive a "U" in citizenship for the class.
      4. Students participating in approved school activities (athletics, debate, DECA, etc.) will not be considered absent according to the policy.
      5. Students will be considered absent if they are more than 10 minutes tardy for a class.
      6. Students will receive a copy of their attendance record in their T.E.A.M. class. Students will have 5 school days to correct any errors on the report.
      7. Attendance Policy:
        1. Every absence and tardy: The home will be notifi ed by the computer.
        2. Fourth excused absence: Parents and students are notifi ed that a grade of "U" has been assigned and that the appeal process may be initiated by the student if circumstances warrant.
        3. Excessive absences will require a parent/student/administration conference to determine course of action.
    2. Truancy
      1. Truancy is defined as a deliberate absence from school and/or class without the knowledge or consent of the parents or the school prior to the absence.
      2. On any truancy a student will receive a "U" in attendance and a truancy citation.
      3. A student who is habitually truant may be referred to the school resource offi cer or truancy court.
    3. Checking Out
      1. Students may NOT leave school during the school day without checking out. If they do so, the absence will be considered a truancy.
      2. Students who need to leave school at any time during the day (even lunch time) for a doctor/dentist appointment, illness, or injury must go to the attendance offi ce to check out before leaving the building. Parents must pre-approve the check out either by phone or with a note.
      3. After a student checks out of school, he/she must leave campus. If a student remains on campus after checking out, he/she will be considered truant and could be issued a truancy citation.
      4. Parents may appeal an unexcused absence due to improper check in or check out one time only during the student’s three years at Murray High School by submitting a letter to the principal within two weeks after the absence.
    4. Remediation of Truancies and Unexcused Absences
      1. A truancy or unexcused absence may be remediated during the term by attending two forty-five-minute detention sessions before or after school within 10 school days of the missed class.
      2. Remediation for a truancy or unexcused absence must be completed prior to the end of the term.
      3. Detention is held in room #117 at 7:00 a.m. and 2:40 p.m. On early day (Wednesday) detention is held at 2:10 p.m.
  3. Tardy Policy
    1. Students are expected to be in their seat ready to work when the bell rings. Students will be marked absent if they are 10 or more minutes late. Disrupting classes with irresponsible tardiness will not be tolerated.
    2. Teachers do not have the right to detain and make a student late for the next class. If a teacher makes a request for a student to remain after class, he/she should simply ask to be excused and proceed to the next class.
    3. Students who are more than 10 minutes late for class will be considered absent. If the student arrives more than 10 minutes late, he/she must obtain an admission slip from the attendance offi ce. This slip will indicate the time the student arrived at school and the reason for the late arrival. The student will not be allowed in the class unless he/she has the admit slip.
    4. An automated phone call will be made when a student is absent or tardy to class.
    5. A "U" will be given in any class in which a student has more than one tardy per term. A tardy may be remediated by attending one (1) forty-fi ve-minute detention before or after school within 10 school days of the tardy. Detention is held in room #117 at 7:00 a.m. and 2:40 p.m. On early day (Wednesday) detention is held at 2:10 p.m.
    6. Excessive tardiness is disruptive. Be on time to class. If a student is excessively tardy, he/she may be referred to an assistant principal. Even though tardies may be removed by completing detention, this does not give license for unlimited tardies.
  4. Appeal Procedures For Excessive, Excused Absences (Unexcused absences cannot be appealed)
    1. Appeal procedures to prevent loss of attendance credit for legitimate reasons:
      1. If absences are legitimate (Refer to section II. A. 1.), students must appeal the "U"s during the term in which the absences occur.
      2. Appeal forms should be completed and returned to the front office at least one week prior to the end of the term.
      3. If the appeal has been approved, the teachers will be notified at the end of the term not to count these legitimate absences toward the attendance grade.
    2. Appealing lost citizenship credit (late appeal)
      1. If students feel they have been unfairly denied credit for absences due to circumstances beyond their control, they may appeal their case to the assistant principal.
      2. Appeals will only be accepted during the term immediately following the credit loss.
      3. Appeal forms can be obtained at the main office, attendance office, "U" Office, or online.
  5. Attendance "U" Remediation
    1. Attendance remediation may be accomplished in one of the following ways (Items 1 through 4 remove one "U"):
      1. Complete an accredited remediation course to remove one "U" per .25 credit course.
      2. Complete 4 forty-five-minute detention sessions.
      3. If a student receives all satisfactory citizenship marks in the current quarter, all "U"s from the previous quarter will be removed.
  6. Attendance Rewards and Incentives
    1. Rewards and incentives for good attendance will be implemented by the administration and Renaissance Committee.

Ten Day Rule: As per state law, any student who does not attend school for 10 consecutive days, without legitimate excuse, will be dropped from our rolls.