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Concurrent Enrollment Courses

The Concurrent Enrollment Program is a partnership between Murray High School and Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) that allows high school students to earn high school and college credit for courses taught most often by Murray High School Instructors. Murray High School instructors must meet the same rigorous standards as any other SLCC instructor in order to teach concurrent enrollment courses.

Salt Lake Community College believes that in order for students to be successful in college courses, thye must be able to read and comprehend textbooks and materials printed on an appropriate reading level and to be able to solve appropriate level mathematics problems. In the summer of 2009, SLCC initiated the prerequisite testing policy for all students registering for college courses. This policy requires all college and high school students to demonstrate their abilities by participating in a college placement test. Appropriate test scores from either the ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer Computerized Placement Test(CPT) are needed to be placed in a Concurrent Enrollment course.

The MHS Counseling Department is strongly encouraging students who are planning to register for 2011-12 concurrent enrollment courses in Biology, Bio-Technology, Communications, English, Foreign Language, Humanities, Mathematics or Physics to participate in either the February or April ACT testing being administered at MHS.

Also, if this is your first concurrent enrollment class you need to be ADMITTED to SLCC. This admission process is done online by going to the SLCC Concurrent Enrolment website and by completing the following:

On Line Website:

Left Hand Side Menu: Apply Online

Read first two pages of instructions and then continue to the third page and click on:


This will then take you to the correct concurrent enrollment admission application.

Students Must:

  • Use legal name
  • Use State Student ID Number (SSID) not your MHS ID number(can be obtained through your MHS Counselor or int hte MHS Career Center)
  • Use their Social Security number
  • Pay $40.00 admission fee with a credit card
  • Print a copy of the receipt for your records
  • Click on the "Continue" button at the bottom of the receipt page to get to the "SIGNATURE PAGE" (This page will give you your SLCC Student ID Number).
  • Print off the Signature Page and return a copy to the MHS Career Center. (Room 115)

General Information

  • Online admissions can be completed from home with parent/guardian supervision
  • Becoming admitted online is easy and safe
  • Student information used in the college admission process must match the MHS student registration information in order to receive college credit(i.e. names, birthdates, SSID, etc.)
  • At the end of the on-line admissions process, a student's social security number is replaced by a permanent college ID number. Students should record this number for future reference.

The following table lists the concurrent enrollment courses offered at Murray High School and their prerequisite courses or qualifying testing scores:

Concurrent Enrollment Courses Prerequisite Testing Scores
  Reading Math
All prerequisite scores are subject to change.
ART 1020Intro to Drawing
ART 1600Beginning Pottery
ART 1800Digital Media
AUTO 1050Auto Electrical
BCCM 1045Beginning Structural Construction
BCCM 1010Beginning Construction Lab
BCCM 1145Beginning Interior Finishes
BCCM 1200Personal Projects
BCCM 1225Beginning Woods and Millwork
BIOL 1010Intro to Biology5816420
BIOL 1090Human Biology5816420
BTEC 1010Biotechnology 1
COMM 1010Effective Communication8120520
COMM 1020Public Speaking8120520
CS 1400Computer Programming 1
CS 1410Computer Programming 2
ENGL 1010Intro to Writing8120520
FIN 1050Personal Finance
HLTH 1250Stress Management
HLTH 1500Lifetime Wellness
MA 1100Medical Terminology
MATH 1010Intermediate Algebra581642054 (ALG)18430
MATH 1040Intro to Statistics812052043 (CLM)23540
MATH 1050College Algebra812052043 (CLM)23540
MATH 1060Trigonometry812052070 (CLM)N/AN/A
MGT 1600Management Essentials

N/A = Not Applicable, scores cannot be used for placement