air quality indexAir quality in Utah continues to be a concern statewide – and it’s on our minds as well.

MCSD recognizes our valued partnership with state experts on issues related to health. The Utah Department of Health (Asthma Program) and Utah Department of Air Quality partnered to create Recess Guidelines for Schools (click here for Spanish version) a simple index that helps schools make important decisions regarding air quality issues.

Current guidelines indicate that when the PM (Particulate Matter) goes above the 55.4 mark or 150 AQI (Air Quality Index) levels, all students (including athletes) will remain indoors. School administrators, coaches, and district officials monitor these conditions and make decisions on outdoor activities and events on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis.

Murray families can monitor conditions themselves at the Utah Department of Air Quality’s current conditions website:

If parents request their student or athlete stay inside because of underlying health concerns (including respiratory issues) or if they have a doctor’s note, school officials will make adjustments to allow make this happen and/or communicate with families regarding their unique circumstances.

The Utah Asthma program offers a number of resources for families in Utah. These include tips for indoor activities, doctor recommendations, and email alerts on daily air quality monitoring.

As educators, our goal is to ensure the health and safety of all students under the expertise, guidelines, and laws set forth by the State of Utah, Utah State Board of Education, Utah High School Activities Association, and our own Murray Board of Education.