students in classroom with Chromebooks
Photo Credit: Aloe Merrill

Insurance Deadline

As careful as students are with their Chromebooks, life happens, and equipment gets damaged. Fortunately, Murray City School District can have your back in the form of our Chromebook Insurance program. However, the deadline for enrollment ends soon – November 15. 

For a small $25 fee per Chromebook per year, you can have peace of mind knowing if your student’s device is damaged it’s covered. The MCSD plan covers incidents on or off-campus. Click here for more details.

Proper Care

We also wanted to provide some basic care information as a reminder. Chromebooks are digital devices with sensitive circuits. To ensure your student’s device makes it through the year, please remember the following:

  • Laptops should not be placed on or under soft items, such as papers, blankets, pillows, or sofa cushions. This may cause the laptop to overheat and result in physical damage to the machine.
  • Keep all liquids away from the laptop. Never eat or drink while using the laptop.
  • Cords and cables must be inserted carefully into the device to prevent damage.
  • To avoid damaging the screen, put the power cord and charging brick in the front pocket of the case.
  • Never close the laptop with anything on the keyboard, such as pencils or notebooks.
  • Protect the laptop from extreme heat and cold – never store them in a vehicle.
  • If the laptop has been in extremely cold or hot temperatures, let it come up to room temperature before operating it.
  • When the laptop is not in use, please store it in a secure location.
  • Heavy objects should never be placed or stacked on top of the laptop. This includes books, musical instruments, etc.

If you have an issue, please have your teacher take the Chromebook to the school secretary to get it fixed or replaced.