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Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a form of classical hatha yoga. Perfect for any fitness level; including pregnant women. The gentle poses and techniques reduce stress, assist with weight management, and produce greater health and well-being. Students need to be able to get up and down from the floor. A yoga mat and a blanket are required. Taught by Jamie Chandler.

  • $60/8 class Punch Pass ($7.50/class)
  • $119 for Spring Semester MONDAY or WEDNESDAY Pass 17 Classes ($7.00/Class)
  • Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00-7:00 PM
  • January 6, 2020 – May 18, 2020 (NO class on the following dates:)
    • January 20, 2020
    • February 17, 2020
    • March 30, 2020
  • Hillcrest JH Dance Room


Integrate your mind, body, and spirit through Yoga. Incorporate physical postures, breath control, and meditative techniques to lower stress levels, reduce pain, alleviate depression, boost the immune system and increase your flexibility. Work every muscle and every system of your body from the inside out. Bring yoga sticky mat, 6 ft. yoga strap, one yoga block, and a stiff blanket are required. Taught by Jamie Chandler.

  • $60/8 classes (Punch Pass $7.50/class)
  • $126 For Spring Semester Pass 18 Classes ($7.00/Class)
  • Wednesdays 7:15-8:45 PM
  • January 15, 2020 – May 27, 2020 (NO classes on the following dates:)
    • January 8, 2020
    • April 1, 2020
    • May 13, 2020
  • Hillcrest JH Dance Room


Meditation is an ancient practice known to reduce stress, heighten the senses, provide mental clarity, improve sleep, increase self-esteem, and improve focus. It enables us to access the soul and higher states of consciousness. In this class, we’ll learn techniques from the major traditions, explore MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction), and practice each technique. Timeless teaching from Jon Kabat-Zinn, Thich Nhat Hahn, Dr. Mark Muesse, Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, and other masters will be practiced. You will find the method that works best for you. If you’ve recently experienced extreme trauma, be advised this class may not be right for you at this time.

If you’re ready to improve the quality of your life, join us! Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket and cushion or pillow to meditate on. It’s important to elevate the hips for optimum comfort. Total meditation practice time will be about 20-25 minutes. Taught by Jamie Chandler.

  • $60/8 class Punch Pass ($7.50/class)
  • $119 for Spring Semester MONDAY or WEDNESDAY Pass 17 Classes ($7.00/Class)
  • Mondays & Wednesdays 7:15-8:15 PM
  • January 6, 2020 – May 18, 2020 (NO class on the following dates:)
    • January 20, 2020
    • February 17, 2020
    • March 30, 2020
  • Hillcrest JH Dance Room


Tarot Card Instruction

Look into your future, and even see the present more clearly. The first known tarot cards were created in northern Italy during the 15th century. The original purpose of tarot cards was for playing games and then later became associated with mysticism and magic. Explore the history of tarot cards and learn how to read the cards for yourself. This is an informational, introductory class. Bring your deck of Rider Waite tarot cards the first night of class. Taught by Stacey Crawford. (Choose one session)

  • $40.00/6 Classes
  • Tuesdays 6:00-7:30 PM
    • Session 3 – January 7 – February 11, 2020
    • Session 4 – February 25 – April 14, 2020
      • No Classes on March 24 & 31
  • Murray High School Spartan Cove


Parenting the Love and Logic Way

Mark Pope is a well respected teacher at Hillcrest Junior High School.  He has been using Love and Logic principles in his classes and his home for nearly 20 years.  He became an independent Love and Logic facilitator 18 years ago.  His presentations are timely, humorous, elevating and energetic.

Love and Logic does not claim to be successful in all situations and with all children, however, there are so many battles which we as parents fight which need not occur.  In addition, there are so many conflicts which can be directed in a “love and Logic” manner, allowing parent-child relationships to remain healthy and productive. This course will focus on parents with children in the home (all ages); but is also effective for grand parenting.
Love and Logic is not a wimpy parenting style which allows children to “walk over” their parents or “get by” without boundaries or consequences.  Love and Logic holds children accountable but is done in a non-controlling, non demanding, non-manipulative way. Each parent will learn useful skills in dealing with the toddler, the grade-schooler, the teenager, and the adult child who has not figured out how to leave home and go out on their own.
You are invited to come learn, laugh, and join an incredible journey with Mark Pope.
(This course is open to all parents, regardless of whether or not they live in Murray, City).
  • Wednesdays 6:00 – 8:00 PM
  • January 15 – Feb ruary 26, 2020
  • Hillcrest JH, Room B205
  • This class is free but you must register at


DSLR Photography

Do you own a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) or are planning to buy one in the very near future? Learn how to take your camera off ‘auto’ and put it into manual mode. Discover everything you need to know to take fantastic pictures using composition, f stops, shutter speeds, ISO, white balance, lighting, lenses and filters.

  • Wednesdays January 22-February 12 , 2020
  • 7:00-9:00 PM
  • $50.00
  • Murray  High School, Spartan Cove

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Murray High: 5440 South State Street
Hillcrest Jr. High: 178 East 5300 South
Horizon Elementary: 5180 South 700 West