The Utah Department of Health is offering free COVID-19 rapid antigen testing in communities across the state. Murray City School District will be hosting this testing Tuesday, January 5 and Friday, January 8, from 2:00 to 6:00 pm (both days) at the MCSD Office, 5102 S. Commerce Drive, Building 1. If you can’t register online, you can register onsite to get tested but registering online will expedite the process and wait times – click here to register online. Identification on site is required.

Test results will be emailed to those tested within 30-60 minutes after being tested.

Anyone can get tested at these free testing clinics, even if they do not have symptoms of COVID-19. The goal of these testing clinics is to more quickly identify people who are currently infectious with COVID-19, including those who may not even know they are infected because they don’t have symptoms. Identifying these individuals will help slow the spread of infection in the community.

Rapid antigen tests are less sensitive than PCR tests. Antigen tests work best when someone has symptoms of COVID-19 or when a person has high amounts of virus in their body. If an individual has symptoms and tests negative on the rapid antigen test or an individual doesn’t have symptoms and tests positive on the rapid antigen test, they will be referred for a follow-up, confirmation PCR test. Testing teams will consist of Utah Department of Health staff, deployed National Guard members, and TestUtah contracted teams.

You can also get tested at the following locations and dates if you prefer:

Anyone who wants to be tested can register online at: