Updated Post on September 11
MCSD Families, we have even more great news to share with you… Tuesday we announced that school lunch and breakfast will be available free to all students (in-person and online) through December 18.
Today we learned that starting Monday, September 14, we will be able to extend our reach and deliver those breakfasts and lunches to three locations outside of the schools each day. In fact, children, 0-18, regardless if they are enrolled in school, can get free breakfast and lunch on school days at these three locations. They are:
  • Hunter Woods (same location as in the Summer), 11:00 -11:20 am
  • Frontgate (at the bus stop), 11:30 – 11:50 am
  • Fireclay (same location as in the Summer), Noon – 12:20 pm
We will be serving them out of a school  bus – so watch for the bus during those times and locations, Monday through Friday.
Post on September 8
Great news! Due to the ongoing strains related to COVID-19, the USDA has announced school lunch and breakfast will be free for ALL students through December 18th. This new program begins September 14, however families who have paid for school lunch and/or breakfast from September 1st to 14th will be credited in their accounts.  
Families may apply for free or reduced benefits that grants them free or reduced lunch and breakfast. This will be particularly important once this funding expires, and for grants and related efforts the District seeks to apply for. Here’s the link for that: https://www.murrayschools.org/nutrition-services/
Also, a reminder: online students are eligible to participate in this program, please check your school’s website to determine the actual serving time for online students. And please share this message broadly as we want all students enrolled to be aware of this wonderful program.