full board of educationThe MCSD Board of Education provides governing oversight of the entire district. Their efforts ensure all students have access to high-quality, rigorous instruction that prepares them for higher education and/or life.

The Board’s stated role is as follows:

  • Assure, through school personnel, the development of curriculum and implementation of instructional programs, which will serve the needs of all students in a changing society.
  • Adopt policies, goals, priorities and procedures that provide direction to the operation of the District.
  • Assure fiscal efficiency and integrity.
  • maintain compliance with all legal requirements.
  • Assure responsiveness to the educational needs of patrons and students in the District.
  • Assure the informing of citizens regarding the operation of the District and the accomplishments of its schools.
  • encourage citizen involvement through committees and school community groups.
  • ensure an adequate standard of quality for the physical facilities and equipment in the District.

The Board consists of five elected or appointed representatives from sub-sections (called precincts) of the Murray community who serve four-year terms. The Board works closely with an appointed superintendent and business manager, who oversee the day-to-day operations of the District. The body meets regularly – usually twice each month – to hear from the public, educators, students, and others about various programs and activities.

empty board roomBut they also discuss and set important policy and budget topics that provide the district with guidance. As part of that role, each has state and local committee assignments to oversee different aspects of public education that ensure expert coverage and collaboration for the District. 

Elections for board positions are held every two years and staggered so that Murray citizens can vote for candidates representing two or three seats on the Board. Click here to learn more about filing dates and deadlines, qualifications, disclosures, and more

Occasionally, a seat becomes vacant when a board member decides to resign. To fill that seat, the remaining board members interview and appoint an individual (among interested applicants) to serve the term balance.

Additional Information

Meet the Candidates Forum: October 10

Parents and families are invited to attend a PTA-sponsored Meet the Candidates Night, October 10, 6-8 pm at the Murray High School Commons area.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to become better acquainted with individuals seeking school board positions and other county and state elected offices. This will not be a debate or include any formal speeches. Instead, it will allow you to talk with those you are most interested in learning from.

Candidates from the following positions have committed their participation:

  • Murray School Board: Precincts 2, 3, and 5
  • County Councils: At-Large “B” and District 3
  • County Auditor, Clerk, and Sheriff
  • Utah Senate: Districts 13 and 14
  • Utah House: Districts 34, 35, and 40
  • Utah State Treasurer
  • US House: Districts 3 and 4

Go here to see the names of specific candidates planning to attend.