bus with kid boardingMCSD provides transportation (busing) services for three out of seven elementary schools (Horizon, Parkside, and Longview), both junior high schools, and Murray High school.

Busing is for eligible students based on their home address, within the state code for distance relevant to the specific school’s location, and within its boundary.

MCSD has 11 bus routes that run daily (when school is in session). For each bus route, MCSD determines centralized bus stops based on concentrated populations and safety considerations. Students are expected to follow the same rules and guidelines they are under while at school, including respect for peers and property.

The District does not supply adult supervision or monitoring of stops. We encourage parents to escort their students to and from stop locations to help supervise students before and after stops. And students are asked to arrive at least five minutes before arrival to ensure the driver can remain on schedule.

MCSD also provides daily transportation for various school activities – field trips, sporting events, and more. 

In addition to holding an active CDL transportation permit, bus drivers are required to undergo multiple pieces of training. All training is focused on the protection and safety of each child. During periods of inclement weather, transportation to and from school are key factors administrators use to determine closures, delays, and digital learning days.

Want to Become a Bus Driver?

We are always hiring substitute and permanent drivers to join our team – and the compensation is very competitive for those seeking a great way to earn some extra cash and help your local schools. If you are interested in an open position, contact Denise McDougal at (801) 264-7400. 

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Studies Conducted by the American School Bus Council Indicate:

  • Over $40 million are saved annually by transporting our Utah school children on school buses.
  • Over 11 million gallons of fuel are saved annually, with over 86,000 fewer vehicles on the road daily in Utah.
  • With each bus replacing 36 vehicles, traffic congestion is reduced, and harmful particulate matter is reduced by thousands of pounds!
  • Nationally for every 32,500 children transported, one life is saved each year. In Utah, that is at least six lives saved each year!