A recent Gallup poll update to its annual Negative Experience Index, tracking population emotion across the globe, showed record-setting levels of stress, worry, sadness, and anger in 2020.

It’s safe to say there’s a collective finger-crossing that those times are behind us. While 2021 has presented its own challenges, and will likely continue to, we are feeling surges of hope at Murray City School District and are excited to move forward in 2021-22 with renewed courage, determination, and optimism.

But we can’t do it alone. We must roll up our sleeves, set aside differences, and work together this school year. That means modeling powerful behaviors such as open communication, listening, validation, and much more. We are Murray, and that’s what we do!

We love our students – their wellbeing binds us as Murray educators and families. This school year we invite a renewed focus on our common goals as we meet unforeseen challenges. Join us as we turn attention to the theme of Learning Together (#learningtogether).

A wonderful byproduct of learning together is growing together. Learning from our challenges and celebrations we will get stronger and wiser.

Let it be said that we participated in one of the greatest comeback stories of our time, turning the tide of negative polls and rising together with our amazing Murray children.