upstartThe Waterford Upstart program is now open to Murray City School District students entering PreK at no cost. Support your child’s at-home learning with only 15 minutes per day. Enroll at
Preparing students for success in kindergarten and beyond has become increasingly important in recent years. For more than a decade, the Utah State Legislature has invested in Waterford Upstart, signaling its ability to get results ​for students.
Waterford is an early-education nonprofit organization with a mission to achieve universal literacy for children through equity, access, and family empowerment. The program offers a free, high-quality, at-home early learning program—to families with preK-aged children.
Follow this link to learn about the many options available. However, participation is limited. We encourage all families with pre-school-age children to review the program and consider participating soon.
As a reminder registration is limited. This year Upstart has 25,000 spots for 4-year-old children for the 2022-2023 school year.  If you have any questions regarding registration or participation, please contact