The Murray City School District (MCSD) offers a variety of facilities for rent to community members and organizations. From classrooms and athletic facilities to performing arts centers and other community centers, there is a space for all types of events or activities.

One popular rental space is the Murray High School auditorium. This state-of-the-art facility features comfortable seating for up to 1,000 guests and a stage with professional lighting and sound equipment. It is the perfect venue for concerts, plays, and other performing arts events.

The Murray High School gymnasium is another popular rental space. This spacious facility can accommodate a variety of youth sports and physical activities events, as well as other events like parties and dances. The gymnasium features a full-size basketball court, bleacher seating for spectators, and a sound system.

The Murray City School District also has several outdoor facilities available for rental, including athletic fields and courts typically used for youth sports games and practices, but other things as well. 


Rental fees for facilities in the MCSD vary and depend on the District locating adequate staffing to facilitate usage. Nonprofit organizations may be eligible for discounted rates.

To rent a facility in the Murray City School District, interested parties must complete a rental application and provide proof of insurance. The district’s facilities rental coordinator will then review the application and determine availability. Go here to begin that process or get more information.

Finally, many in the community have questions about the independent use of the Murray High School football field, track, and tennis courts. Unfortunately, the football field is not available for rent or independent use, while the others are presently open to the public when not being used for official school use and specific hours: Monday through Friday, 6 – 8 am and 6 pm – dark; Saturday 6 am to dark; closed Sunday.

Overall, MCSD is a great resource for those looking to rent a facility for their event or activity. Whether you are planning a sporting event, a concert, or a birthday party, the Murray City School District likely has some options that will fit your needs.

For more information, please contact Kristen Davis at the District Office at 801-264-7400.