After reviewing the data on our positive COVID-19 case counts at Murray High School, the decision has been made to resume in-person learning on Monday, October 19, 2020.  With Fall Break beginning tomorrow, we felt it was important to get this information out to our families now.

Although our current numbers are above 15, several of these cases will no longer be considered ‘active’ by the end of this week.  In addition, the large majority of these cases will be able to return to school on October 19th as they will have completed their required 10-day isolation period (so long as they are symptom free.)

We look forward to welcoming our Murray High School students back.  We have missed you!

We want to remind everyone of the importance of good hand hygiene, mask wearing, and physical distancing both inside and outside of school.  Governor Herbert announced yesterday that Salt Lake County is in the High Level of Transmission category which requires social gatherings of 10 or fewer and required mask wearing.  It is important that we all do our part, both inside and outside of school, to decrease the risk of exposure and help ensure we can continue with in-person learning.