The Murray High School (MHS) Class of 2020 graduation ceremony will be posted June 4, 10 am through the high school’s TV channel Spartan Vision here:

While there, subscribe to Spartan Vision where you can get notices of other MHS video content. That same afternoon from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, all graduating seniors are invited to the School’s diploma drive-by pick up.

Many teachers will be there to cheer our seniors and bid them farewell.  Seniors will receive an envelope containing several items including a graduation picture from the ceremony walk (for those who participated); an official graduation program; class of 2020 light pen; Spartan decal; download instructions of the graduation recording broadcast earlier that day; Murray High Class of 2020 t-shirt, and a Project Graduation prize.

A diploma will also be included for those who fulfilled all the requirements to graduate, have no outstanding fines, missing textbooks, or Chromebooks. For those who don’t receive a diploma, please have fines, and returns taken care of as soon as possible.  Otherwise, diplomas will available to pick up June, August, or September once those items are squared away.

For those who purchased yearbooks, the School is still waiting for clarity on their arrival  Yearbooks have been delayed around the country due to factory shut-downs and relocations, but we will notify you when those are ready to be picked up, if they are not ready by June 4.

Here are the diploma drive-up instructions:

  1. Enter off 5300 S.
  2. Drive to east side of building by marquee to STOP #1 for Project Graduation prize
  3. Drive to STOP #2 outside daycare playground for Senior T-Shirt
  4. Drive to semi-circle by plaza for STOP #3 if you have any remaining school items to drop-off (e.g. chromebook, books, etc.)
  5. Drive forward to STOP #4 for your envelope containing your diploma.
  6. Many of your teachers will be out to see you drive-by
drive-up diploma map
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