Unfortunately, despite our very best efforts, Murray High School has reached the COVID-19 15-case threshold and will pivot to digital home learning for the next two weeks.  We want to reassure you that our school staff and teachers have been working hard to provide a safe environment for our students, however, while we continue to do everything we can at our school, we need your help and support to ensure our students and staff can remain healthy and stay safe.

Please make sure your family is adhering to the countywide health order to avoid large group gatherings and wearing a mask in public, especially when social distancing is not possible. The safety and education of our students are our top priority and we are doing everything we can in facilitating both as we balance health department guidelines with continued student learning.

Beginning on Monday, October 5th remote learning will go at least until Sunday, October 18th,  with a plan to return on Monday, October 19th, if positive case numbers have reduced enough.  Teachers will use Monday, Oct. 5th to prepare for this fully remote transition.  During this time, we will continue to follow the A/B schedule and our teachers will be holding Zoom or other online platform meetings each period with their classes. These Zoom meetings will allow our students to engage with their teachers and classmates.  These meetings will also allow them to ask any questions they may have, including clarifying Canvas assignments and due dates. Teachers will be reaching out to students with more info and links on how this works for their specific class.  Please know that these live meetings may not span the entire length of the class period, but they will provide the opportunity to connect as needed.  This two-week period without students in the building will give us time to clean and give the school a reset to get all students back as safely as possible.

Here is the Monday through Friday schedule for each class period and lunch pick-up:

Again, teachers will be sending out links of how to meet with their classes. Please take advantage of this time each period to connect with teachers and classmates. Stay engaged!








Other information:

  • Extra-curricular Activities

All extra-curricular activities including performing arts, in-season athletics, and other scheduled competitions will continue. Spectator restrictions will be enforced – limiting attendance to parents only. The use of masks and social distancing will continue to be required.  Teams or groups that have 3 or more positive COVID cases will remain on quarantine until the designated date of return.

  • Quarantines

Students currently out on quarantine will need to complete their quarantine as directed in the communication that was sent home.

  • Instruction

This online schedule is NOT intended to be two weeks off of school. Instead it is two weeks of online instruction that will allow our school/community to reset and allow all those students that are infected by the virus to recover. Please stay engaged with your classes through CANVAS. You can expect that there will be assignments and learning activities. Not all instruction will be live, as we recognize there are many family dynamics at this time, so students will still be able to access Canvas pages as needed and teachers should have recordings of their lessons.  If your student is struggling please have them reach out to their teachers.  They can email them through Canvas or teacher emails.

  • Grades

Online learning will NOT have an automatic passing grade. Students and teachers will need to work together to achieve proficiency, progress, and earn passing grades. Quarter One ends on October 21st.  PLEASE STAY ENGAGED!

  • School Meals:

Breakfast and lunch will continue to be provided for all students as a grab and go curbside lunch east of the commons.  Breakfast for the next day will be provided with the lunch pick-up. Please drive by from the north, heading south.

During this two-week period, we would strongly encourage any students who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID or who have has exposure to a positive person to get tested.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate through this year’s turbulences together. Parents, please encourage your students follow the typical daily schedule, since we are hoping to only be doing this school soft-closure for two weeks.  It is so important for our students to maintain good habits of getting up and following established school routines.   Together we can do hard things, and I have no doubt our community of parents, students, teachers and staff will rise to the occasion.  We are Spartan Strong!