Murray Returns with Care Graphic[English & Spanish Download]

By now most of you are aware that the Governor and State Board of Education have issued guidance for all schools in Utah to return to in-class activity in August. They have also provided instruction and a framework for implementing those details.

Like Murray City School District, most school districts have surveyed parents and teachers to better understand your thoughts and feelings about a return to school. We understand that in the context of a pandemic, this will be a very different school year.

However, we believe Murray is prepared, just as we were when schools went into soft closure on March 12. Further, we see this as an opportunity to help show our children that together we can do hard things. And, we believe this will demonstrate the “We are Murray” spirit of unity that we are known for. So, we are excited and optimistic as we are once again called upon to raise the bar of our efforts for the common good of our children’s health and academic achievement.

Beginning tomorrow, we will be working with our Board of Education and staff to review those survey results from parents and educators, aligning them with state and health department guidelines. In preliminary peeks of the feedback so far, our hearts are touched at the obvious love everyone has for our students and teachers. We are also pleased to see that most are already unified in many of the details of our return.

Even still, this will not be a simple task. There are endless details to be fleshed out. But that We-are-Murray spirit is guiding us and we are confident it will result in productive and safe outcomes for teachers, staff, and students at each school.

Over the next several weeks we will be rolling out our Murray Returns with Care initiative. These materials will detail all the protocols, policies, and procedures that are designed to protect everyone at our schools. We encourage you to consider this information carefully as it will most certainly not be a routine school year. Some of the plans, precautions, and safeguards will extend beyond the classroom and into the homes and communities of our families.

As our state leaders have reminded us, we all know and understand that life is full of challenges – there is no way to eliminate them. Even normal school years or simple non-school-related activities can present health concerns to students and families. We cannot remove them, but we can, do, and will address them, inserting numerous protocols that weaken, reduce, and minimize risks. 

Again, we are so excited to see your children next month and are working hard to create an environment where they can return with safety and care. We support and honor you, just as you have continuously supported and honored us. We all have a part to play. We all can do this together. We are Murray and we will return with care.