ADM 200 Administrative Personnel

ADM 201 Business Administrator

ADM 203 Director of Personnel and Student Services CTE

ADM_204 Director of Support Services

ADM 205 Director of Teaching and Learning

ADM 206 Director of Special Education and at Risk Programs

ADM 207.1 School Principal

ADM 209 Visits To Students Not Attending School

ADM 209.1 Student Visitors During Regular School Hours

ADM 210 Assistant Superintendent of School and Student Achievement

ADM 211 Administrator General Guidelines

ADM 212 Administration Overview

ADM 213 Soliciting of Employees

ADM 214 Copies of Board Policies

ADM 215 Destroying Obsolete Material

ADM 216 Memorandum of Understanding for School Administrators

ADM 218 Classroom Size Review

ADM 219 Emergency Preparedness

ADM 220 Aids Policy

ADM 221 Administrator Evaluation

ADM 222 Records and Management Act

ADM 224 School Community Council

ADM 225 Parent Family Engagement

ADM 226 Charter Schools

ADM 227 Display of the Motto of the United States

ADM 228 School Calendar

ADM 229 ADAAA Public Access

ADM 230 Data Privacy, Security and Governance

All Administrative Policies


BU 703 Accounts and Reports

BU 705 Regulation and Rental of Buildings and Grounds

BU 706 Travel And Transportation

BU 708 School Lunch Program

BU 709 Snow Removal

BU 710 Picture Money and Bookstore Funds

BU 711 Facility Expansion Program

BU 712 Vending Machines

BU 713 Vehicle Use

BU 714 Donations Gifts and Sponsorships

BU 715 Cash Receipts

All Business Policies

General Statements

GS 01 General Statement of Purpose

GS 02 Mission Statement for the Board of Education

GS 03 Goal Statements for the Board of Education

GS 04 Board Hearings

All General Statement Policies


IN 304 Literature and Text Selection and Review

IN 305 Human Sexuality Education and Maturation

IN 306 Statement on Gifted and Talented Program

IN 307 Disclosure Requirements

IN 308 Religion in the Curriculum and School Sponsored Activities

IN 310 Public Education Activities in Private Settings

IN 312 Secondary Counselor Job Description

IN 312.1 Plan for College and Career Readiness

IN 318 Career and Technical Education Coordinator

IN 323 Homebound and Hospitalized

IN 328 Credit Allowance from Private Education Institutions

IN 331 Appropriate Use of Audio-Visual Materials

IN 333 Work-Based Learning

IN 335 Assessment Procedures and Standards

IN 340 Wellness Policy

All Instruction Policies

Pupil Services

PS 401 Attendance Spanish

PS 401 Attendance

PS 402 Attendance Age

PS 403 Student Enrollment Eligibility and Registration Requirements

PS 404 Student Computer Policy Spanish

PS 404 Student Computer Policy

PS 405 Internet Acceptable Use Policy Spanish

PS 405 Internet Acceptable Use Policy

PS 409 Fundraising

PS 414 Student Patrolmen

PS 415 Advertising or Announcements

PS 416 Safe and Orderly Schools Spanish

PS 416 Safe and Orderly Schools

PS 416.1 Drug Testing of Students

PS 416.2 Tobacco Free Environment

PS 417 Student Discipline

PS 417.1 Prohibition of Corporal Punishment

PS 417.2 Interfering and Electronic Communication Devices Spanish

PS 417.2 Interfering and Electronic Communication Devices

PS 418 Bullying Cyberbullying Harassment Hazing and Retaliation

PS 418.2 Gang Prevention and Intervention

PS 419 Students Arriving Early

PS 419.1 Detaining Students After School

PS 420 Student Errands

PS 423 School Clubs

PS 424 Reporting of Student Progress

PS 426 Student Dress Code

PS 427 Performing Services for Private Groups

PS 428 – Fees

PS 429 Student Activities

PS 430 Overnight Excursions

PS 432 Library Books

PS 433 Student Records

PS 434 Law Enforcement Interview and Interrogation of Students

PS 435 Search and Seizure

PS 436.1 Truancy

PS 437 Student Medication

PS 437.1 Head Lice

PS 437.2 Sunscreen

PS 438 Home Centered Educational Policy

PS 441 Adult Education Program

PS 442 Induction and Initiation

PS 443 Non Resident Students Enrollment and Graduation

PS 445 Guidelines for Remediation for Secondary Schools

PS 446 Murray High School Graduation Requirements

PS 446.1 Early Graduation Option

PS 446.2 Murray High School Citizenship Credit Requirements for Graduation

PS 447 Seventh and Eighth Grade Requirements

PS 448 Standards for Acceptance and Reciprocity of Credits Earned by Students

PS 449 Murray School District Graduation Requirements

PS 450 Student Travel

PS 452 Concussion and Head Injury

PS 453 Service Animals

All Pupil Services Policies

School Board

SB 101 Legal Status

SB 102 Board of Education

SB 103 District Organization Plan

SB 105 Superintendent of Schools

SB 106 Advisory Committees

SB 107 Business Administrator

SB 109 Board of Education Meetings

SB 110 School Board General Objective

SB 111 School Board Policy Development

SB 112 Public Participation at Board Meetings

SB 113 School Calendar

SB 114 School Day

SB 115 Communication to the Board

SB 117 Changes in Rules and Regulations

SB 118 Parent Teacher Association

Staff Personnel

SP 900 Employment Policies

SP 900.1 Employee Code of Conduct

SP 900.4 Rehiring Retired Employees

SP 900.5 Employee Dress Code

SP 900.6 Employee Immunizations

SP 901 Payrolls

SP 902 Employee-Student Meetings After Regular Hours

SP 902.1 Copyright Materials

SP 903 Employee Protection

SP 904 Child Abuse and Neglect

SP 904.3 Drug and Alcohol-free Workplace Policy

SP 905 Utah Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

SP 906 Equal Opportunity Policy

SP 906.1 ADAAA Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Amendments Act of 2008

SP 907 Employment Background and Reporting

SP 908 Employee Orderly Termination Policy and Procedure

SP 908.1 Reduction in Force of District Employees

SP 908.4 Employee Jury Duty or Witness in Court

SP 908.6 Resignations

SP 909 Professional Personnel Section Teacher Job Description

SP 910 Teacher Improvement Committee

SP 911 Anti-Discrimination Grievance Process Spanish

SP 911 Anti-Discrimination Grievance Process

SP 912 Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Spanish

SP 912 Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

SP 914 Purchasing Policy

SP 918 Placement Vacancy Transfers and Promotions

SP 920 MCSD LEA-Specific Educator License/Endorsement Requirements

SP 923 Educator Evaluation

SP 924 Special Provision Article I Definitions

SP 925 Special Provisions Professional Salary Article II

SP 926 Special Provision Insurance Protection Article III

SP 927 Special Provisions Sick Leave Article IV

SP 927.1 Family and Medical Leave

SP 928 Special Provisions Personal Leave Article VII

SP 930 Special Provisions Professional Leave Article VII

SP 931 Special Provisions Unpaid Leave of Absence

SP 932 Special Provisions Professional Relations Council Article IX

SP 933 Special Provisions Professional Grievance Procedure Article X

SP 934 Special Provisions Teacher Files Article XI

SP 935 Special Provisions Duty Free Lunch Bus Duty Article XIV

SP 936 Special Provisions Child Care Leave Article XIII

SP 937 Special Provisions Payroll Deductions Article XIV

SP 938 Special Provisions Learning Environment

SP 939 Special Provisions Teacher Rights Article XVI

SP 940 Special Provisions Association Board Contractual Relationships Article XIX

SP 941.1 Purchase of Retirement Credit Non-Discrimination Policy

SP 942 Special Provisions Association Leave

SP 944 Special Provisions Pay For Extra Duty

SP 945 Special Provisions Extra Pay for High School

SP 946 Classified Personnel

SP 946.1 Promotion Policy Classified Personnel

SP 946.2 Control and Disposition of District-Owned Supplies and Equipment

SP 947 Classified Personnel Sick Leave and Bereavement

SP 950 Classified Personnel Retirement

SP 952 Classified Personal Leave

SP 955 Possession or Use of Weapons or Other Dangerous Materials by Employees

SP 960 Employee Computer Policy

SP 961 Computer Password Policy

SP 962 Email Policy

SP 963 Anti-Virus Policy

SP 964 Bereavement Article V

SP 965 Parental and Maternity Leave Article VI

SP 966 Special Education Teacher Job Description

SP 967 School Volunteers

All Staff Personnel Policies