Please read all instructions before you begin the registration process


After reading the instructions if you need additional support with the registration process please contact the school that you are trying to register your student at.


Every student must be registered every year.


There are 4 steps to registration. Links are provided below under Registration Procedure

  1. Register in Aspire
  2. Pay school fees – secondary only
  3. Verification of Immunizations (only preschool, kindergarten, 7th grade & new students)
  4. View your schedule


If you do not have a computer, you may visit a library, or use a computer at your student’s school – please call your school to schedule this.

Non-resident students need to be pre-approved before completing this section. See information at the bottom of this page.

A NEW student is any student without a Murray Aspire ID number. If your student has attended a Murray City School District (MCSD) school at any time, that student is not new, do not create a new account for them. All new students must go to the schools to provide required documentation. Please call the school to schedule this.

Aspire Account Information

Aspire Student Information System has two types of accounts.

Student Account. This account is used for the student to get access to their grades. The username for this account is the student ID number. Students cannot register using a student account.

Parent/Guardian Account. This account is meant for parents/guardians only. The username and password are created by the parent/guardian. Registration is completed using only a parent/guardian account.

Parents/Guardians do not share your login information with your student.

Do not include your student’s personal cell phone number anywhere in Aspire.

If you are not sure if you have a parent/guardian account, or if you can’t remember your username and password, you can recover this information on the Aspire homepage, by clicking on Need Help Logging In?

If you do not have a parent/guardian account, you can create one on the Aspire homepage, by clicking on Register Student for Enrollment.

Common Mistake. While registering in Aspire, watch for the “Contacts” section and make sure to “+Add New Contact” so that all parents/guardians are listed here. Parents/Guardians should not be listed in the “Emergency Contacts” section.

Registration Procedure

Let’s get started


Step 1 – Login to your Aspire parent/guardian account to register

1 – click here to begin

Step 2 – Pay school fees

     For secondary students only


Payment through MySchoolFees is preferred, not mandatory and only available for returning students.
2 – click here to pay – secondary only 
Hillcrest Junior High Fee Worksheet
Mail completed worksheet & check to:
Hillcrest Jr. High
178 E 5300 S
Murray, UT 84107


Riverview Junior High Fee Worksheet
Mail completed worksheet & check to:
Riverview Jr. High
751 W Tripp Ln
Murray, UT 84123


Fees can be paid at the schools – contact your student’s school to schedule this.


School Fees Notices

Grades K – 6

Grades 7 – 12


School Fee Waiver Application

Grades K – 6

Grades 7 – 12

Please turn in completed applications to your school secretary


Step 3 – Verification of immunizations

     Preschool, kindergarten, 7th grade & new students only

Please contact your school registrar or secretary for details and continue to step 4.

IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS as recommended by the Utah Department of Health Immunization Program

Step 4 – View your schedule

4 – Click here to view your schedule using your student Aspire account




Electronic Device Orientation Video

All parents or guardians can view this 7-minute video by clicking the link below. MCSD is excited to offer all student K – 12 with a chromebook for use at school and home

Students 1st grade – 12th grade will take their chromebook home daily.

The video covers:

  • Rules for using each device
  • Insurance program for damage
  • Expectations
  • Consequences of misuse
  • Safe Schools Video Link

Chromebook Insurance

$25 per year, per device

Available for purchase to all students & highly recommended


Elementary Schools Information

Hillcrest Junior High Forms & Information

Riverview Junior High Forms & Information

Murray High School Forms & Information


More than a Meal – Free & Reduced Meals Application

Other Forms

Health Information

If the student registration indicated a health concern, the parent/guardian is liable for completing the appropriate paperwork. The appropriate forms must be printed, completed, and returned to the school as soon as possible. Please go to the Health Services web page to view these forms.


Bus applications are not necessary. All eligible students have been assigned to a bus. To check your eligibility by your address please click this link check your address.

If your address shows a “walk-zone” under the school information, you are within the walking distance (1.5 miles for elementary, 2.0 for secondary). If under the school information, it shows a bus number, route number, stop location and time, you are eligible and already assigned to that stop. If no information is populated in your search, you are out of the MCSD boundaries and are not eligible for MCSD transportation.

If you have any questions regarding busing please contact Megan Kunzler at 801-264-7410 or  

If you have a special education bus need, please contact Kelli Kercher at 801-264-7400 or


Non-Resident Enrollment Information

All non-resident students who want to attend Murray City School District must be pre-approved before registering. A non-resident application must be completed under the following situations:

  • A student living outside of the boundaries is attending Murray City School District for the first time
  • A student wants to attend a school other than the school in their boundary
  • A student is transitioning from 6th – 7th grade (Elementary to Jr. High)
  • A student is transitioning from 9th – 10th grade (Jr. High to High School)


Step 1

A payment of $5.00 is required for each application you complete. Click the icon below to complete the online payment process prior to completing the application. If payment is not received, the non-resident application will not be considered.

Click Here to Complete Payment Icon

Step 2

Complete the application form.

Click here to complete the application


Enrollment applications are considered in the order in which they are received. Each school looks at programs and capacity, as well as the overall past performance of each student in determining whether an enrollment application is approved.



After reading the instructions if you need additional support with the registration process please contact the school that you are trying to register your student at.


Click on the logo


then select the school from the list