A belated congratulations to all the students who participated in this year’s Science Fair competition, organized by our amazing PTA coordinator Laurel Fetzer.

Three of our elementary students receive honorable mentions and one special award at the statewide competition:

  • Lily Matsumori, 6th grade, with her project called “Lets Clear the Air” from McMillan got an honorable mention in Earth and Environmental Science. She also won a Special Award from The Association for Women Geoscientists Salt Lake Chapter Elementary division award.
  • Sander Rees, 5th grade, with his project called “Keep your Cool” from Grant Elementary got an honorable mention in Physics, Astronomy and Math.
  • Lyla Ash, 5th Grade, with her project called “The rise and fall of baking” from McMillan Elementary got an honorable mention in Chemistry and Biochemistry.
  • Jameson Thackeray, Sophomore from Murray High School, with his project called “Slip guard alarm” placed 2nd in Electrical Engineering for High School division!!
The following students received awards from the district and moved on to the University of Utah Science Fair competition.
  • Lily Matsumori – Let’s Clear the Air- 6th Grade McMillan Elementary
  • Sander Rees -Keep Your Cool- Grant Elementary
  • Noelle Thackeray – How does physics help you ice skate? 5th Grade- Longview Elementary
  • Lyla Ash -The rise and Fall of baking-5th Grade McMillan Elementary
  • Phineas McMillan -The effect of temperature on electromagnets- 5th grade McMillan Elementary
  • Isaac Dunkelberger -Yummy yeast- 5th grade- McMIllan Elementary
  • Jameson Thackeray – Slip Guard Alarm- Murray High School 10th grade
District Honorable Mentions were:
  • Maria Moreno – Sturdy Candels-7th grade- Hillcrest Jr. High
  • Micah Black – Cheesing my way to the perfect Grilled Cheese-11th grade- Murray High School